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difference between swaddle blankets and receiving blankets?

is there a difference?
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Re: difference between swaddle blankets and receiving blankets?

  • The swaddle blanket is designed to wrap around your baby. It also has Velcro to connect it and make it snug on the baby. receiving blankets are just a big rectangle. You can use them to swaddle you just have to learn how to tuck it in.
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  • ^^^^ What she said.

    Also, keep in mind "receiving blanket" is a pretty generic term.  Some are great and can be used for swaddling and some are small, thin and really worthless for any application.  Pay attention to the dimentions of each blanket and feel how thick the fabric is before you buy.  If you are planning to swaddle with the blanket, it helps a lot if it has a little bit of stretchiness to it. 

    Those velcro swaddle sacks I found were a life saver but, obviously they aren't a good choice for spreading out on the floor for tummy time or throwing over your infant seat.  I was happy with some swaddle sacks and some receiving blankets. 

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  • i agree with the ladies.

    Of course you can swaddle receiving blankets. you get more for your money with the plain blankets, but i'm a fan of the swaddlers. Thankfully my sister just gave birth and my nephew will be out of his by time LO comes along :) 

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