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Hello.. I am new to this writing posts... so here it go's!

My husband and I have been trying since March 2010. Two early miscarriages, and Doctors appt at Magee's for testing. All tests came back fine, which We are so grateful for! We had decided to wait a bit to try again. I have used ovulation kits, accupuncture, Yoga. This passed month we though for sure that we had nailed it... I even had the implantation spotting after ovulation. My balance now is trying to be positive, but at the same time not getting my hopes up... Then this morning when I woke, mind you this is only day 21 since my last period I started bleeding heavier, which seems to me like my period. I did take a pregnancy test to settle my emotions... which came back negative :( My husband refuses to lose hope yet. I feel like I am just kidding myself. HAs anyone ever had this much early bleeding and still end up pregnant? Should I wait a couple days to try another test? Or just come to closer with the negative test? ugggg.. really just feel like a hot mess

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