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Would put a train table....

in your child's room?  We are surprising Jackson with a train table today and I am still up in the air about where to put it.  Do we put it in our already cluttered living room - or in his bedroom?

Where would you put a train table????

Re: Would put a train table....

  • we have ours in his room, but we only have 1 child, so only 1 to play with it.  He lost interest in it quickly so we put a piece of board in it that was painted with magnetic paint and then chalk board paint and now he colors on it and plays magnets on it, and has way more fun with it! 
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  • Where does he usually play?  Also think how when M gets bigger she will be wanting to play on it also.  W loves zooming cars on it, M doesn't use it as much as he did 2 years ago when he got it. We keep ours in the playroom.
  • We have a bonus room upstairs that's a play room so that's where we put our train table.  If we hadn't had that, probably would have moved the coffee table out of the family room and put the train table there.  My kids play where we are so having it in his room it probably wouldn't have gotten used much.
  • If those are your only options I'd put it in his room. We had ours in the family room and it just got to be to much with everything else. Plus he too lost interest in and it just kind of became a catch all for everything. We ended up moving it upstairs to the play room and now he actually plays with it.
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  • Ours is in his room - it takes up about 1/4 of it but he plays on it all.the.time - we turned one side into a chalkboard too - so we flip it all the time. He uses it for trains, duplo building etc. It also stores a TON of toys underneath so....not too bad that is takes up a lot of space. I'm just not quite willing to have it as my coffee table.
  • Collin is getting one for Christmas and we're planning to put it in his bedroom. The living room is already over-run with his stuff.
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