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Does anyone know a good wedding photographer around the cincy/springboro/Dayton area? TIA

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  • Sara Streit is a "bumpie" and very talented, not sure if she's still doing weddings but its worth checking out!
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    She's based in Troy, which is just a bit north of Dayton.  I'm not sure how far she's will to travel, I know at least to Dayton.

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  • Erika with Cargle Photography. They are based up in Dayton somewhere I believe. So far we've done newborn and 3 month pictures with them. Brynn's 6 months are scheduled for the beinging of August and I can't wait!

    ETA: I missed the wedding part. Sorry. I know she does weddings but we only have experience with the children's photography.

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  • I used Tine Hoffman, and was INCREDIBLY pleased -- she is actually shooting my son for his first birthday next month. The Varlands have really come into their own -- they do good work, too!

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  • I used Bob White for my 2008 wedding and was extremely happy with our photos. One of my best friends just used him for her wedding and May and her photos were great as well. I thought his prices were very reasonable too. GL!
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    September 27, 2008
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  • Sorry I didn't respond more quickly, but thank you ladies!! I'll try them & see what they have to say. Thanks again :-)
  • I used Ron with Cincinnati Digital and I LOVED him! My sister-in-law also used him. He is a great photographer so if you are interested in him, you might want to check his availability asap! GL!
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