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Tot Spot day care- Collegeville

I went to look at this place today and it was ok.  I wanted to see if anyone has any experience with them?  I really like the place my son is at now but it will be very expensive once our new baby is here and I have to send both.   Tot Spot is definately a better price and the program seems just about the same at the current day care with a few differences that I can live with.  I was hoping people might have reviews that could help me in my decision and ease my mind in taking my son out of his comfort zone. 

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Re: Tot Spot day care- Collegeville

  • My son is 18 months and has been attending TS since he was 12 weeks. We looked at alot of places (7 in total) and it was even stevens between TS and Kindercare in regards to care and activities - the only thing TS doesn't do is lunches so you need to provide a packed lunch or milk depending on your childs age.

    FYI Connie in the baby room is fantastic -  from a parent view I don't have any compants in regards to the care they provide my son infact I think I would be hard pushed to getting better anywhere else

    email me if you want any additional feedback



  • Wonderful! Thanks for your reply.  We're currently at Kindercare and we love it and have never had a complaint which makes it hard to switch but I know we need to in order to be able to afford two in day care. 

     I did get a good vibe from Connie even after only meeting her for a few minutes.  Now i just need to decide if I should move my 16 month old now or wait until after my maternity leave.

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  • My DS was at Kindercare before DD was born as well, but we moved to a different center due to the cost.

    We are now at Tot Time in Royersford/Collegeville. (right behind Parkhouse [Geriatric Center] on Rt. 113).

    LOVE them. Its a small center with small class sizes and no school age kids, which keeps the sickness down (DS was sick ALL-THE-TIME at Kindercare, here he's had maybe a minor cold here and there and same for DD).

     All the teachers are wonderful and have been there for years. They have an awesome outside play area and the center is extremely clean (smells like bleach!).

     Their prices for full time care are $225/week for infants and $200/week for toddlers. Food/diapers/wipes are NOT included, so you send all your own. They also have part time care (my kids go 4 days/wk).


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