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Ergo vs Beco

I'm so UN-decided. It's time to move up from the Moby (which I still love just want something else on longer trips) I've narrowed it down between the Ergo & Beco but now can not make a decision!

Does anyone have both & prefer one to the other? 

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Re: Ergo vs Beco

  • I love my Ergo. Haven't tried a Beco. My only complaint about the Ergo is that the baby can't face out. Other than that, it's awesome. I wore it for two days straight at Disneyland and had no back pain. 
  • We have the Becco Gemini and an Ergo Sport. The ergo is so much more comfortable than the Gemini that we haven't used it since we bought the Ergo. DH did like the Gemini when DD was a newborn better than the Moby.
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  • I too am on the fence between these two so I am grateful to hear some opinions.


  • I have not tried either on and haven't purchased one either, but I am planning to buy the beco just because you can face your baby/child out.  We have a moby to use when baby #2 is little, but I want something to wear out in public and I am sure she will want to look around more.
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