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Toddlers: 12 - 24 Months

When should kids be able to do shape sorters well?

I can't find info on this on-line. Anyone know when children should be able to sort shapes correctly? TIA!

Re: When should kids be able to do shape sorters well?

  • I'm not sure, but our shape sorter says it's for 2+, so I'm assuming at that point.  DS is so frustrated by them that he usually just opens it up and tosses the shapes in that way.  He can put the shapes in (just squares & circles) when we tell him where they go.
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  • Your LO is still early - at least compared to mine.  She started doing that ball thing with all the shapes around 20 months.  She could do this one:


    earlier like around 18 months, but it is color coded and a lot easier than the ball.

  • LO can put the shapes in the holes if we find the correct hole for him. 

    I have the red and blue tupperware one and I think it says 2+ on the website. 


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  • I know that this is a skill that Liam's teacher said she was working on with him and the other toddlers his age in their room.  She said he does it independently about 50% of the time now.  I'm guessing anywhere between 15 and 24 months would be the norm for shape sorting.

  • I want to say that DS could do his a little after his 1st birthday.  I was a little worried too, because it said 9 months and up, so I thought 9 months.  But then I realized a friend of ours with an 18 mo old couldn't do it either.  My DS has a knack for puzzles, I think.  He can master one in just a few tries, even the interlocking piece kind. 
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