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My Team Green June bug turned July firecracker birth story (long)

It's a BOY!

My EDD was June 29th. I was at 1 cm at 37 weeks, 2.5 at 38, then sat at 3 cm at my 39 and 40 wk appts where my membranes were stripped both times. At my 40 wk appt they put me on the waiting list to be induced sometime during my 41st weeks when an opening became available. I knew I would be induced as early as July 6th, but more than likely would be induced on the 7th. I also had my NST scheduled for the 5th.

After that appt I kept doing squats, did a lot walking, & nipple stimulation. No sex w/ DH though b/c at this point I was so uncomfortable and hot I didn't even want to think about it. Nothing.

We got the call from our dr the morning of July 4th telling us they had an opening for the 6th. We would get a call from the hospital that morning telling us what time to come in. We had rules in place about fb posts (none until we did) and weren't calling anyone except for immediate family and three close friends when we went in to labor. Since we had a "date" we also decided not to tell anyone what that day was except for those that we were already planning to call when we were at the hospital.

Typical July 4th fashion...we were going to have a last minute cookout at our place (we're also moving so we thought "hey...may be the last time w/o a baby and ever at our first home." A few of our friends came over, we were having a great time, and sometime around 7:30 that evening while they were still here I began having a few contractions. Now I'd been having them off and on for the past couple of weeks with not real progress so I just continued to entertain and never timed them. But I did tell DH privately, "Things are getting interesting!"

The last guests to leave were my brother and SIL, so we told them to keep their cell phones nearby that night b/c I could tell they were getting stronger. Once they left I took a shower, then DH and I sat around eating freeze pops and watching TV (unfortunately a storm rolled through cancelling the fireworks in our city).

I got up to get another one for DH and I, and as I opened the freezer drawer my water broke at 9:30 gushing all over the kitchen floor. We were both pretty calm, called our dr, got our things, dropped off our fur-child with my parents and headed to the hospital right away as I was GBS+. Contractions were increasing and coming harder on our way there (which is a quick 10 min away). 

After check-in and getting my antibiotics started, our L&D nurse (who was FABULOUS) said I was 5 cm. I labored for about 3 hours w/o any meds and got to 6cm. By that point the contractions were so hard, I decided to get an epidural to try and get some sleep (1am). I hadn't received all my IV fluid yet, so they bumped that up before administering the epi. There were also two other women ahead of me, so that gave them time. I continued to labor for about an hour before the anesthesiologist arrived. and after the epi was done (2 am) I got my 2nd dose of antibiotics and tried to rest.

Sleep never came. My epi worked (not too numb, not too awake) and I'm so glad I got it (that hour waiting for it felt like forever), but the pressure was increasing and no position seemed to make it better. My L&D checked me again around 3am and I was to 8cm. Another hour of increased pressure and I was to 10! DH was able to get some sleep, so my L&D woke him up to tell him it was time to get in to position and I did a few practice pushes.

Then we were ready to go...I pushed for about 45 min and L&D nurse called our doc to come in as it was time to have our baby! I could totally feel the "ring of fire" even though I was numb, and I cannot begin to imagine what that must feel like w/o meds--kudos to you women that do it! 3 more pushes later the head was out and that slippery body.

DH had been convinced this whole time we were having a girl, so much that during our delivery I asked him to re-do my pony tail and said to him, "you'll need the practice!" He was total in shock when our team green baby was a handsome 7lb 6 oz, 21 in little boy :) (I instinctly thought it was a boy this whole time) He told me "It's a boy!", our doc handed him to me for that immediate skin to skin, DH cut the cord, and he was whisked away for his APGAR and initial cleaning while I delivered the placenta.

He was born 7/5 at 5am on the dot. It's been a whirlwind since then, but we're both smitten with our little buddy and things are going well albeit everything is a learning experience.

Thanks for reading! :)


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