getting frustrated with my body (vent)

trying for a VBAC this time around and I am 1 week overdue today. not dilated at all and baby is sitting very high. I'm just getting discouraged and wish my body would just know what to do. Last pregnancy, my water broke at 39 weeks, i never progressed, and ds was wrapped in cord 3 times (arm, trunk, leg).

The one good thing is that my doc will let me go to 42 weeks as long as NSTs come out fine. 

thanks for "hearing" my frustrations.

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Re: getting frustrated with my body (vent)

  • Since you never progressed last time, your body is probably just treating this as a first pregnancy--so a week overdue is totally normal!  Sending lots of labor dust your way, and good luck!  :-)  When I was overdue with DS (born 41w3d), my mom told me to talk to the baby, and tell him it was okay to come out, and we were looking forward to meeting him, etc.  Didn't work, but it was nice to express it out loud.  
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  • You can go into labor at any time - keep the faith!!    Lots of Moms don't drop until in labor.  You still have a week.  Lots of labor dust to you.
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  • Hang in there.  Being overdue is just a complete mindf!ck.  Even more so when you're trying to do a VBAC.  Things can turn on a dime... just rest up while you can and baby will be here soon.
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