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Solids at 4 or 6 mos?

I am EP.  Thankfully after the intial hump we are now 100% BF, but I don't think I'm going to keep upi much longer.  I am 15 days ahead, but she's quickly eating us out of house and home!  Originally I had hoped to be on 100% BM until she got to 6 months and then start solids, but given how much she eats and that I know we are headed for formula supplement in the somewhat near future, I'm not so sure now.

So which is better in your opinion... starting solids at the earlier end of the spectrum around 4 months in hopes of avoiding formula or still waiting for 6 months?  Would it make a difference?  I plan to ask the doc at the next appointment, but wanted to start thinking through it myself before I chat with them.  My guess is they'll leave it up to me, like they did with Eli.  What are your thoughts?

FWIW  I really do think she'd be ready close to 4 months.  She already gets mad at us for eating in front of her.  She follows ours forks with her eyes and cries for a bottle at EVERY meal, even if she just ate.  And she has really good trunk/head support at this point.  H says he thinks I gave birth to a 3 month old... lol. 

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Re: Solids at 4 or 6 mos?

  • Solids made no difference at all with DD in terms of how much milk she took (we FF).  She ate like a horse too, I swear the first 10 months of DD"s life I have no idea how she was able to eat as much as she did both formula and food combined.  Wouldn't you know though at 10 months she suddenly got really picky and ate like a bird.
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    Solids didn't decrease B's BM intake either until around 10-11 mos when he was really eating 3 meals/day with us.  In fact, I remember him topping out at 40 ozs in one day sometime after 6 mos, and staying there for about a week.  I know that's probably not what you wanted to hear. 

    Is it possible she's in the midst of a long growth spurt?  They spurt a lot from 3 - 6 mos.  Just a thought...

    GL, and just remember you're doing quite well!

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  • I felt like my supply started to dip when I introduced solids at 5.5 months.  In hindsight, I wish I had waited another two weeks. 

  • Solids didn't make a bit of difference in how much Asher nursed and we started at 6 months.  He even started drinking more EBM at the sitter's house.  I say wait ill 6 months and up her formula/BM intake if she's hungry.

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  • To me the benefits of delaying food to 6 months are a priority, and like everyone else said starting solids didn't decrease my kids intake of breastmilk until closer to 1 year. 
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  • As with all other milestones, age isn't necessarily as important as readiness. I agree with pp's as it relates to starting solids having very little (if any) impact on breast/bottle feeding consumption.

  • I think it depends on your baby!?  My baby was more than ready at 4 months and has loved every bit of food so far!  He does drink formula not BF...but the bottle doesn't satisfy his hunger like food.  He loves watching us eat and loves every single food that he has tried.  At six months we were on to chunkier textures and started working on self feeding and the pincher grasp.
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