no external version b/c of prev c/s?

I understand the risks are higher for uterine rupture but just curious if any of you have had a c/s and then your next baby was breech.  Did your dr do an external version? Or scheduled c/s if the baby didn't turn on their own?

I know I have plenty of time before I have to worry about this but I wanted to hear other's experiences.


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Re: no external version b/c of prev c/s?

  • My dr attempted an ECV at 37.5 weeks even with my previous c-section. The one thing he looked for beforehand was to make sure I didn't have an anterior placenta. He also said typically they would induce after a successful version but would not induce me b/c of the previous c. He also said that normally they give you a "little something to relax you" but he wanted to make sure I felt everything in case the version wasn't going right. Unfortunately her bottom was pretty wedged... So it didn't work. I'm glad I tried it though, even though it hurt. Made me feel better about scheduling the RCS.
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  • DS2 was breech until almost 36 weeks. My doctor was on-board with a version attempt if necessary. Fortunatly, DS cooperated and flipped to head down.
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  • I attempted a version with DS at 37 weeks...very unsuccessful.  He would not budge at all.  I would like to VBAC with this one, but if she doesn't turn [she's been breech so far], I am just taking it as a sign that something is up with the shape of my pelvis that my babies want to stay breech. 

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  • It must depend on your OB.  A friend of mine had a c/s with DS1 and then DD2 was breech and her OB would not do an EV due to her previous scar. 

    There are other things to do instead of the version though, check out spinningbabies.com if you haven't already and look into a chiropractor that is certified in the webster technique. 

  • I asked my ob today, he said that he doesn't attempt versions on previous cs patients.


    I asked him what he thought my odds of a vbac were, and he said 50/50.  Which I don't really like, but as long as he is willing to let me try!

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