I just emailed ICAN

I just emailed my local ICAN chapter. (I am currently in Scranton/Wilkes-Barre PA) and am hoping that she can lead in the right direction.....

Bc this anxiety is terrible. I am only 15w  and i  know that I cannot continue with the stress from my current provider. So keeping my fingers crossed that she has some good names of supportive doctors that I can switch to.

thanks for all your help so far....i plan on posting/lurking on this board to try and keep myself sane!

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Re: I just emailed ICAN

  • Good luck!  See, this is where a doula comes into play as well and you can bounce your thoughts of of her. 
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  • I'm about an hour north fo you and have found a homebirth midwife that I am very comfortable with for my HBA2C.  Finding a VBA2C provider for a hospital proved very difficult and I just couldn't bear the thought of another section due to 'policy'.  PM me if you'd like her contact info!

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  • Good luck! I hope things work out for you. I second chicsub, doulas are great, and not only during labor!
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