Newbie with questions

My H and I are going to start trying to #2. We have an almost 8 month old delieved via c/s due to my water breaking, and I never made any progress. Has anyone gotten pregnant so soon after and had a successful VBAC? We have always wanted babies close together and after my C/S I knew I wanted to try for a VBAC.

Any advice or encouragement would be very welcome!  


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Re: Newbie with questions

  • I have tried yet, but I just wanted to offer encouragement.  We think we are going to start trying around the time DD is 8 or 9 months,

    My ob said I could get pregnant right after my c section if I wanted, and still try for a vbac.  So there are drs out there who are supportive.  But like pp said, I would recommend trying to find a supportive dr first.  ( it would really  suck to have 17 months in between, and not able to find a dr. that doesn't go by the 18  month rule)


  • Thank you both for responding. I think I may have to find a new doctor. My doctor seems to think I am not a good candidate for a vbac. I guess I need to start shopping .
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  • Good luck trying to find a new doctor!
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