thoughts on a doula?

i'm thinking strongly of getting a doula this time, hoping that it will bring more success to a tolac/vbac.  i've looked at the organizational websites and found a list of names to consider.  when do i call them and interview?  what do i ask?  what is a reasonable price?  any of you have or had a doula?  tia!

Re: thoughts on a doula?

  • Yes, get a doula!  I had one for both of my births and I would never want to give birth without one.  I would start looking around in my second trimester but don't wait too long because the good ones will get booked up. 

    Dona.org has a list of questions to ask.  For a VBAC, I would also talk to them about what happened during your first delivery, how they can help things go differently this time, if they have attended other VBACs, etc.

    Price varies depending on where you live, whether the doula is certified, etc.  I paid $500 for my doula this time.  Some doulas will do a sliding scale or discount their price if cost is an issue.  Doulas who are working on getting certified will often do births for free or very cheap. 


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  • Iris covered it all, but I agree with her as usual.  Actually we didn't have one the first time, but did the second time and I can't gush enough about my doula and the role she played in DD's birth.  Basically my labor was exactly the same as the first time, but with her there it was totally different and we got through the hurdles (stalling out was a biggie).  She wasn't cheap at $1500 (or was it $1600?), but she had the experience that I needed mentally.  I'm positive there are plenty of very experienced and wonderful doulas that are a fraction of that cost, but I wouldn't hesitate to spend that much again.
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  • i wish i would've hired one as dh didn't provide the kind of support i needed and it stressed me out. my mom was also there part of the time and she stayed to the sidelines and wasn't involved. And a third person was there - she was more to keep me on track with standing up to the medical people regarding interventions but she also was very quiet.

     I felt very alone while in labor. :(

  • Agreed that Iris covered it, but I wanted to add that I didn't have one with my first labor/delivery and ended up with a c-section.  My doula (obviously) can't guarentee a VBAC, but she is a VBAC mom herself and has been "doulaing" for 10 years.  There are lots of studies out there to show that having a doula, or dedicated labor support person, reduces interventions-up to and including c-section.

    I say if you are considering it, go for it!  I hired mine around 22 weeks and we have met 2x so far and will meet at least 2 more times before the birth.  Just to get to know each other, talk about my fears, concerns, what we hope her role will be, and what our hopes are for this birth-including specifics of my birth plan which she will have a copy of to remind us and the medical team what our wishes are. 

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