Thoughts on stripping membranes..

I usually lurk on this board to read about everyone's experiences and as mine is getting closer I wanted to get some thoughts. 

So at my last appt 36w5d I was soft and a finger tip dilated. My OB is thinking about stripping my membranes next week - 37w5d - to try to get things going. I would like to avoid a RCS. DS was 9 days late, 3 day induction, never went into labor on my own, never made it past 4cm and he never dropped. OB says I have a narrow pelvic area as well.

What do you ladies think about stripping the membranes so early? I think I am going to see if we can wait another week. I believe she wants to do it so that things move along and I have a better chance at a VBAC rather than waiting longer. They also stripped them with DS and it did nothing.  

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Re: Thoughts on stripping membranes..

  • My OB did it twice on me and I was still 10 days overdue when I was induced.  I never dilated past a fingertip.  I'm hoping that she will try it again and that maybe that + EPO + not being a first time mom this time around will actually get things rolling. I will see her at 35 weeks and then presumably again at 37 - I imagine she will do it either then or the next week.
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    can't hurt. I had mine stripped several time with DD1 (I was not dilated at all) and nothing. He did it with DD2 at 39 weeks (1 cm) and nothing. Again at 40 weeks (2-3 cm) and I went into labor the next night.
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  • Thanks. Didn't know if it was too early or should wait. 
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  • I would definitely wait until at least 40 weeks (or even later, depending on how late your provider is willing to go).

    Hope this doesn't come off as fear-mongering, but there's always the risk that they accidentally break your water, and then you are on the clock to have the baby, contractions or not. You could be looking at a seriously early baby if your EDD is off, too. 

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  • if it were me, i wouldn't let her do it at all, but that's my opinion.  although it is relatively safe, there are increases in bleeding and irregular contractions in those w/ stripped membranes, plus the risk of breaking the water. 

    i am not sure of this, but i think my OB last go around stripped my membranes at 40 weeks without telling me (exam took longer and HURT).  i partially blame that on the placental abruption (although i have no evidence).

    it's up to you of course.  i am of the thought that interventions lead to more interventions. 


  • I would wait if I were you.  Like a pp said, your water could break, and then the baby would be really early, and you're bishop score is really low, so if they had to induce, your chance of delivery vaginally is very low.
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