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RMA of Philly vs. Abington Rep. Med

My husband and I are ttc our first, and not sure where to go.  I had consultation appts at both offices, with Dr. Barmat and Dr. Freedman.  I didn't like Dr. Barmat at all, but they are 100% covered under our insurance.  I loved Dr. Freedman, but his office is only partially covered.


Does anyone have any experience with either office?  

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Re: RMA of Philly vs. Abington Rep. Med

  • What insurance?
    I would consider Mainline Fertility, specifically Dr Glassner. he is amazing, philly top doc over and over

    I did a phone consult with abington and was unimpressed (I am an IVF patient, so perhaps they didnt understand I was well versed, but I was not thrilled regardless)


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  • I have IBC Personal Choice.  That's good to know, maybe I'll look into him.


    I'm not impressed with Abington either.  Dr. Barmat made me cry, he was totally unsympathetic.  The thing thats confusing me is that abington is in the Einstein network, which is covered 100% under my insurance.

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  • I used RMA of Phila and I couldn't be happier.  I think I saw Dr Freedman one time but my main DR was Dr. Castlebaum, he is absolutely wonderful.  He has such a positive attitude and puts you totally at ease.  My husband really liked him too!  I was lucky and was "one and done."  I saw him for one cycle and got pregnant. 


    Best of luck to you!

  • I also used RMA and loved them!  Took two cycles for me to get pregnant.  My primary doctor was Dr. Gocial but I saw all of them regularly through the process and had nothing but a positive experience.  I would highly recommend them.
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  • Sorry for the late response- hope this still helps!

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE RMA of Philadelphia. Its because of them that I'm 6w pregnant!


    We've been TTC since June 2009. Went to Mainline Fertility to Dr.Pfeffer for over a year in which he performed surgery (INCORRECTLY!) I was left w/ 80% of my uterus full of scar tissue but we didn't find that out for a year+ when we left that practice. Instead, while I was under his care- he told us that surgery went well (!), that I had an abnormally small uterus (cause it was filling up w/ scar tissue) and that even though I was miscarrying due to thin linings I should proceed to IVF, which makes no sense. After a year of issues, we met w/ Abington and RMA. I liked Abington (saw Dr. Sumkuti) and would have gone to them had I not met w/ RMA. I liked how very thorough they are w/ testing, which is great if you are in the beginning stages of finding out what is wrong.

    But then I met Dr. Castlebaum at RMA- and I was sold. Immediately in my first consultation he mentioned he thought I had Asherman's (which is scarring of the uterus). Not one Dr. had mentioned this before to us. Turns out he is very well known on infertility sites and totally knows what he is talking out. I had surgery in March, got great results in April and got pregnant in June.

    Our insurance also doesn't cover RMA and the Dr and nurses there are awesome. They work with our treatments so that we can do what's right and what we can afford.  Plus, I LOVE that they have multiple offices. And their new surgery center at KOP is really, really nice. Love all the staff- I can't say enough about this place. I wish I had known about RMA back in 2009 and I wouldn't have wasted so many years. 

     Good luck!

  • jbl126jbl126 member

    Another vote for RMA.  I saw Dr Freedman and he was great.  I got pregnant with twin girls.  The staff there was great and the nurses were awesome also. 


    Good luck! 

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  • Wow, I'm really, really shocken to hear bad reviews on Abington.  I went through them with my daughter and have nothing but awesome things to say about them.  I saw Dr. Barmat a few times - he's who did my hysteroscopy and he was SO kind.  I was never talked down to, they knew I did my homework outside of them and we worked together on me getting pregnant.  If I questioned something they gave me answers.  We're planning to go back for #2 when it's time. 
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  • Dr. Castlebaum.......LOVE LOVE LOVE.  I have a 3 year old daughter solely because of his hope and belief. He wrote down my due date and CALLED me at home a few weeks later to wish us well.  Who does that!


    Brian....He also diagnosed and treated me for Asherman's, although mine occurred following birth (a c-section and 2 d and c's due to the bleeding not stopping).  He preserved my fertility after that incident.  I would not be able to have any hope of other chidlren if not for him.

  • I also recommend RMA of Philly. Dr. Castlebaum was my main dr, but I saw Dr. Guttman occasionally for tests. The office is so friendly - both the Langhorne and Valley Forge office. (I didn't go to the other two offices.) The nurses are so friendly and were very caring and responsive whenever I had questions. The office hours were very accommodating as possible. I could see them before work and if I needed to go on a weekend, they were open. The main thing is that I got pregnant thru them via IVF on the first try with just two eggs retrieved. I'm now pregnant with a singleton at 8 weeks.  Dr. Castlebaum called me a miracle patient, but I definitely credit him and the rest of the people at RMA for creating my little miracle.
  • I went to Abington too. I ended up getting pregnant on my own after taking a few months off from working with them but am seeing them weekly now for ultrasounds. I go to Dr Sobel and he has been terriffic. I've only seen Barmat once or twice but don't have anything bad to say. Hope this helps!
  • Hi!  I've been going to RMA since August and have had no complaints so far.  I'm seeing Dr. Castelbaum and I must say that he is most gentle and has excellent bedside manners.  

    In my case, it has taken us a while since right after my first consult and before starting treatment I got pregant on my own, but miscarried shortly after (I'm 38, with severe endo and had been tcc for over 6 months with no luck), so we decided to wait a cycle or two before starting treatment again.  Because of the severity of my endo, Dr. Castelbaum has suggested we go directly with IVF, which I'm about to start any day now.  It's reassuring to read great reviews about him and I know I'm in good hands, a bit scared, but well taken care of nonetheless.

    Good luck to you all!

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