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So I posted a couple weeks ago that my ob suddenly retired due to personal reasons. I'm 30 weeks pregnant. Besides being bummed because he was so supportive I'm starting to get really scared about finding a new one. I went to see his partner for my check up today and when I asked about vbac all he did was talk about risks and give me tons of papers to sign. Plus, he said I wasn't a good candidate because I had gained too much weight already (20 lbs) and my fundal height was measuring ahead (33). I should add this is the first time I have ever measured big. He also told me to "lay off the sweets" i should add my previous dr had no concerns about my weight gain and was extremly optimistic i would be successful at my vbac attempt. anyways, obviously I don't like the new dr so I have my next apt with the other dr just hired to replace my previous one. The problem is, now I'm scared to stay with the practice because I could still get the douche I saw today if he is the one on call when I go into labor. Pro vbac dr are few and far between in az. Do I try to find a new practice? Wait and see this new dr? I'm running out of time.

Re: Need dr advice please help

  • I would look for someone knew at this point. At least see what your options are. When I was at 30 weeks, I had gained 25 lbs, and my ob always said my weight was good.  And when I failed the first blood sugar test, I told him about about all the candy I ate (Christmas time) and he just laughed.  maybe mine ob is just laid back.  But he seems to be over reacting. 
  • Ugh, I'd start looking for someone new ASAP.  I'd be very surprised if you got a VBAC with this doctor, and he sounds like a di.ck.

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