Questions to ask OB?

My son was born via emergency c-section 13 months ago.  (He was sunny side up and I pushed for 3+ hours before having the c/s).  DH and I have started to talk about TTCing #2.  I really want to attempt a VBAC.  I expressed my desires to my OB at my 6-week pp appt. and at the time, she said she'd support me if everything with my next pregnancy is okay, but that's all that was really discussed then.

I have my annual appt. next week and I want to talk about my VBAC options before I even get pregnant again (mainly so I can look for another doctor if necessary).  Besides the obvious question of will she (and her partners) support my decision, are there any other questions/concerns I should ask/bring up?


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Re: Questions to ask OB?

  • My OB, who's been extremely supportive, and I have discussed things like:

    Whether she'd induce me if I don't go into labor (she won't).

    Whether she'd give a bit of pitocin to help if things get stalled (she will).

    Concerns about if baby is "big"  (up to me - I'm trying regardless and she's good with that).

    We've also talked about her feelings on getting an epi, monitoring vs being able to move around after being admitted, etc.

    Those are the main things I can think of off the top of my head.  I also just learned that she treats BH contrax before term a bit more strictly - I thought it was 6+ in an hour requires a call. She wants to hear from me if it's 4+ - lesson learned, I should have called her on Monday haha.  Anyway, so maybe a general question about what your doc treats different for patients that are post c/s vs someone who's never had one.


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  • I think the biggest question is how long will they let you go.  My Doctor originally said she supported a VBAC, but when we got into the details it was only if I went into labor before 40 weeks and fully dilated with no intervention.  So, to quote another bumpie, "I could have a VBAC, as long as the baby falls out before my due date."

    Once I find a doctor who says 42 weeks, then I'll worry about what type of monitoring they require and what induction techniques they will use.

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  • Thanks ladies for your input.  I know I'm probably crazy and jumping the gun way before even getting pregnant again, but I want to be as proactive about this as possible, and just know what her restrictions and regulations are.  And I know it's hard to make a lot of these decisions before even being pregnant and each patient/pregnancy is different, but I just want to get a general idea of where she stands.
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