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Hello ladies! I just noticed there was a vbac board and got really excited! Let me introduce myself. I'm not new to the bump. I had a DS march 2009 and am expecting another DC december 2011. With my DS I was pressured to be induced at 42weeks. Once I was induced they went throught the steps inserted the pill, then broke my water, then pitocin. Had an epi in the wee hours of the morning. In the morning a nurse came in changing stuff and was like well, just so you know I think things are kind of heading towards a c-section because you haven't progressed. At that time I was so out of it I was like anything to get this over with. Looking back. 1, what was I thinking 2, they didn't even check me to see how far along I was!!! This made me so mad. From then on I vowed to have the birth I wanted. So a new MW later I'm all go so far for a vbac! I'm super excited and scared all at the same time. I hope I can get plenty advice from everyone! :)
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  • Welcome and GL!

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  • Good for you for getting educated.  And, scared is good. :) Means you are going to want to be proactive about getting educated in your own body. Worry is the work of the pregnant woman
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