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Ob/gyn's at Jefferson


I used to see Dr. Horan at Jefferson (who I loved!) but she is no longer practicing.  My husband and I are trying to concieve baby #1 and I am looking for a new obgyn.  My RE is with Jefferson hospital so I would like to stay with Jefferson.

Any recommendations? 



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Re: Ob/gyn's at Jefferson

  • If you can get her, go with Dr. Abigail Wolf.  She delivered both my kids and I loved her.  She is really popular so it is tough to get appts with her.

    GL!  I also really liked Dr. Sarah Rosen and Dr. Jay Goldberg

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  • I've heard great things about Dr. Wolf and would love to try to get her but I know that she is pretty booked.  I'll look into Dr. Rosen and Dr. Goldberg too. 

     Thanks so much!

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  • I am currently with Laura Power. She's very nice and knows what she's doing, but does not come to all scheduled appointments. She's been very booked this month but I'm sure she'll be reliable in the next month or so.



    P.S Good luck with search!Smile

  • Thanks for the suggestion! Who is she affiliated with?
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  • WytangWytang member
    Laura Power is wonderful
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