recovery question PLEASE HELP!!!

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I hope that this is not asked alot, I read back 5 pages and I couldn't find the answer to my question so here goes.

I am 6 weeks PP and I go to the back to the doctor tomorrow, but I am freaking out and need some help.

I had an unplanned c-section due to a breech baby...my incesion was closed using dermabond and I had nothing on the outside but that. No steri-strips or anything. 3 week PP my "glue" started to come off in the center of my incesion, now all of the "glue" is gone.

So here is my problem. Yesterday afternoon, on the left side of my incesion...at the VERY end I started having a TINY amount of blood. Now something is sticking out of my incesion that feels like a needle, and I'm guessing that it's an internal stitch that didn't dissolve. HAS ANYONE EXPERIENCED THIS?

I have never had stiches before but my husband believes that's what it is. I'm not having any oozing but I did have a mild fever a few nights ago that tylenol relieved.

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Re: recovery question PLEASE HELP!!!

  • I don't know, I didn't have any problems with my incision, but you could call your doctor or if you aren't too worried and your fever doesn't return, you could wait till your appointment tomorrow. It is always always best to be on the safe side, especially post partum- even though you are 6 weeks PP, so it probably isn't anything to worry too much about, but I think I'd probably call today just to make sure. It sounds like it is something that will be just fine and might just need a little fix.
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  • I would go ahead and call too. Even though 6 weeks pp sounds like a long time, it really isn't. A c-section is major abdominal surgery and you could have had a stich that isn't healing right or it could be nothing. Better to have it checked out!
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  • I agree- call and get it checked out.  My incision opened a bit on one side and I had to go in twice to rectify it.  Better to be safe!
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  • Didn't experience that with my section, but I did with my gallbladder sx. It was just a little stitch that was left a little to long. The Dr said he could cut it, or just leave it. I left it and it dissolved on it's on. Is it hot to the touch? If it's not oozing or angry looking, I wouldn't worry too much.
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  • I had this. While I did not have the glue, I did have stitches and steri strips. I pulled all of my steri strips off at 3 weeks PP. I had some what I called oozing (pinkish drainage). I also had few of my internal stitches poke out. They eventually dissolved and the strings that were poking out fell out.

    I did talk to my doctor about it, and she said as long as it was not warm to the touch of *** that it was OK. I did put antibiotic cream like neosporin (sp) on it from week 3 when this started until it healed up.

    If it makes you feel better, call your doctor and get it checked out.

  • I didn't experience anything like that for my c section, but when I had a breast tumor removed, I had the disolvable stitches come out.  I didn't have any blood, but the area was warm to the touch.
  • This sounds like what I had.  My Dr. actually said to start rubbing the glue off like in the shower around 2 or 3 weeks.  And at about 6 weeks some of my stiches started coming out the corner.  I said something at my pp appt. and they didn't seem to care at all.

    I was pretty freaked out though at first.

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  • i had internal "dissolvable" staples. i swear they were never going to dissolve. I could feel them through my skin for months (6mo or so). they poked out, but eventually did dissolve.
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