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Dual Baseboard Baby Gate???

I am looking for a baby gate to install in our stairway, but we have baseboards on boths side.  Any idea on my options??  I saw the Perfect Fit Gate from Safety First but nit sure if will work with baseboards on both sides, looks to me like it works with only one side being unlevel at the bottom.  Please Help!!

Re: Dual Baseboard Baby Gate???

  • We bought this Evenflo gate which says for Top of stairs, but we installed it in a doorway that has baseboards on both sides. You can always check out Amazon for a variety of gates. HTH 

    (Oh, & BTW, ya might want to adjust your ticker because according to it you are VERY pregnant Stick out tongue. )

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  • We plan to get the Retract-A-Gate for our kitchen area.  I think it would work for the area you are describing.



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  • Every gate I've tried will work with baseboards on both sides because all the attachment points are adjustable. Understandably there are some pressure mount gates that won't work, but all of these gates will:

    -Kidco Safeway
    -Kidco Safeway Angle-mount
    -Kidco Gateway
    -Dreambaby walk-thru
    -Summer XTall walk-thru

    Even the cheapo wood/plastic pressure gates will generally work because the rubber stoppers stick out enough that the baseboard fits right beside the wood frame.

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