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Came home with 4 bags of groceries, to no power. Called power company, service disruptions.

Like a hormonal pregnant woman I sat in my living room and cried for a good half hour, then I napped and woke up just now to power.

Ugh today.

Re: Ugh

  • Emie28Emie28 member

    Boo! to no power; Yay! to naps.

    I'm glad that it is back on now, nothing was ruined was it?


    Oh and have you decided about your hair b/c after reading what Addy wrote I change my vote. I totally forgot about all the hair loss and weird regrowth (though I don't know how b/c here I am a year later w/ weird wispy hairs in front). 

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  • Oh shoot hair loss. Ummmmmm... yeah I made an appointment. Eek.
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