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I just found a dead bug in not one, but TWO potential dinners tonight.

When DH works at night, I just scrounge up whatever I can for dinner. I decided to eat some cereal tonight, so I grabbed a bowl & the box of cereal DH left sitting on the counter last night. Poured a bowl, & found a dead bug. EWWWWW. So, I poured that out & threw the rest of the box away.

Went to the fridge & pulled out some leftovers (we ate at one of those hibachi places last night). Warmed them up, sat down, went to eat them - ANOTHER DEAD FVCKING BUG. Now I can't quit thinking about the fact that DH ate the other part of that meal last night, & I had hibachi, too.

I haven't even eaten dinner yet & I already want to puke. This does not bode well. 

Re: ::vom::

  • Oh yuck!  Hair, bugs, fuzz, etc. makes me cringe.
  • Oh thats gross. One of my friends found a short and curly in her leftovers one time. She was really grossed out and never went back to that restaurant. 
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