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3rd Trimester

Can anything help lightning crotch?

Does anyone know of anything that can help with the discomfort of lightning crotch? I'll try it ALL. Hot baths, kegels, handstands, something. Suggestions PLEASE?!
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Re: Can anything help lightning crotch?

  • Wholly pain in the vag.  I was having lightning crotch around 7pm so bad I had to go lay down and go to sleep.  It feels like there is something pinching inside.

    I would also like some suggestions as to what else besides laying down will help. 

    I'm trying to stay positive because I know LO is vertex and the lightning crotch is probably helping to get things started but man does it hurt!

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  • I find it helps to lay down on my left side, then roll to my right, then get up again. It shifts her a little bit and helps 99% of the time. I also just get it sporadically though so it feels more like internal punches verses a longer sensation.

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  • oh I hear ya. the only thing that gives me relief is getting on my hands/knees (pelvic tilts). that and lying down but that usually brings a bunch of other stuff I don't want to deal with (indigestion and heartburn).
  • Today I had it really bad after an internal. It helped a lot to sit on a fitness ball for awhile and what was even better, was going in my condo pool and doing breast stroke leg kicks (frog style). It is supposed to open up your pelvis. It was soo relaxing. If you have access to a pool I would highly recommend it!
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  • Dude, ya'll have been talking about lightning crotch on here and I did not know what you were talking about. LO has been kicking me there since around week 24 or so. I am frustrated about it, but not because of the pain (doesn't really hurt too much, just shocking). My DH tries to feel her when she kicks, but, b/c of where she kicks, he can't. Ugh! Turn around Lil Lillian! Your daddy wants to feel you, too! Haha
  • Im gonna try all of these! THANX
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  • It was so bad for me, I could not lift my left leg by week 23 without involuntarily screaming.  I've been seeing both a chiropractor and a massage therapist since and it has helped tremendously!!


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