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aplix not holding up after 6months?

Hi Ladies,

I've been cding for about 10 months now and totally love it! However, I'm becoming frusterated with the aplix on many of my covers! I have both bummis and thirsties covers that I've been using for about 6months, and the aplix no longer sticks very well. I started out drying them in the dryer, but I've been hanging them to dry for the last few months. Is there any way to fix this, or will I just need to replace them? The aplix on the bummis still looks pretty good, so I don't know why its not fuctioning properly. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!

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Re: aplix not holding up after 6months?

  • I have no experience with using either of those brands long term but I have noticed VERY noticable wear and tear on the aplix on my BG and even withing those there are some that have noticably different wearing even though they were all purchased at the same time and used the same amount.  I guess I really have no advice other than to say I think its fairly normal.
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  • I have well-loved BGs that I've been using for over a year (so in all they've been used 2-3 years, maybe) and most of them are still going strong.  Every couple of months I sit down and pull all the hair and lint out of them.  This is one of the major reasons I prefer snaps.
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  • We have the same issues with our Thirsties covers that we used for 2 months.  I have BGs I used for over 2 years with DS that are still fine though.  I think the aplix on Thirsties is a common complaint.

    I love the Imse Vimse and Nikky covers with aplix.  It never gets un-sticky and they're great covers.  

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