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Does anyone use the iphone app from ff? I am new to the iphone thing, and had another that I thought was for ff; anyway and it had a predictor for your period and ovulation day that you could calculate with your avg cycle day. Does the app for ff have this too?
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Re: ff moible

  • FF mobile is new and improved from what I hear, and yes on the calendar you can see your predicted O days and period
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  • I have the ff app for the droid.  It's pretty similar to the website (and links to the website) as far as the information you can access, it's pretty easy to navigate too.  If the iPhone app is anything like it, it's not bad.  You do see the predicted fertile dates and O date and can get to your chart and all the statistics of your cycles and stuff too.

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  • i have iperiod on my iphone, it's not bad, not great, it's free also. it just has a lot of choices for you to enter, moods, stress, CM, 'love connection' :)
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  • I logged in to my FF on the internet on my iphone. It's easy to navigate as they have made the website to work on mobile phones. I stay logged in and leave the webpage on my safari and input my data every morning. I haven't ever tried the app because this works well for me.


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