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2nd Trimester

How much weight have you gained?

I'm 18 weeks and have gained 4 lbs. I know there is not an amount that you should gain and everyone is different but I feel like maybe I should of gained more by now. I eat try to eat healthy and have snack through out the day so I know I'm eating enough. I'm just wondering how much others have gained around 18 weeks?
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Re: How much weight have you gained?

  • Nothing yet - I'm trying to "save" my weight gain since I won't be able to avoid it for much longer. I started overweight, and my doctor would like me to gain no more than 10-15 pounds, so I'm trying maintain my weight without starving myself or the baby as long as I can.
  • I'm almost 18 weeks and basically haven't gained anything.  I started out somewhat overweight with both DD and this LO.  With DD I lost about eight pounds in the first half of my pregnancy and didn't start gaining till around 20 weeks - gained about 15 lb. overall from pre-pregnancy weight.  She was almost 8 lb. at birth.  So I'm not too worried about my lack of weight gain so far, and my OB is fine with it.
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  • I had gained 6 lbs at 16 weeks, last week.
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    Nothing yet - I'm trying to "save" my weight gain since I won't be able to avoid it for much longer. I started overweight, and my doctor would like me to gain no more than 10-15 pounds, so I'm trying maintain my weight without starving myself or the baby as long as I can.

    However I have a friend who is VERY tall and tiny and had gained 5 at about 20 weeks.
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  • Im 19 weeks and have only gained a couple pounds. My OB has't been to concerned, but stated he expected I would/should gain 5lbs by my next apt, which will be at week 21. I am of average height and weight.  

  • 11lbs, at 21 weeks I was only up 4... those 7 snuck up real quick...
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  • Nothing so far. I only gained 15 lbs with my last pregnancy... and my Dr isn't concerned at all!
  • I guess I'm one of the odd ones. 11lbs for me. I had gained 5 by 19 weeks and gained the other 6 in the last 2. I'm at 21 weeks. But I think I helped mine along by going on vacation and eating out a lot. I don't mind though, I started off pretty seriously underweight.
  • I know I gained 5lbs in the 1st trimester. 
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  • I'm 26 weeks and have gained about 15 lbs.  At 18 weeks I was up about 8lbs.

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  • I am at 16 weeks and lost 17 lbs... they say its normal and I am sure I will gain it all back and then some :D  Congratulations and Good Luck :D
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  • Nothing I lost 12 lbs in the 1st tri and havent gained anything back yet...i call them my magic lbs because i know the weight gain is coming

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  • At 14 weeks I'm at a 7lb gain. It worries me, but my doctor doesn't seem to mind. My bmi is 28 and when I mentioned 'Yeah... I'm a little overweight' he said 'You will be for awhile, it's okay!'
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  • I'm having a heck of a time gaining.  My doctor isnt worried since I started out over weight, unfortunitly still have baby weight from my last pregnancy.  I am 4 lbs lighter than my last appointment.  She just want to see some weight gain in my 3rd tri.
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  • i gained 6 pounds right away and i hovered around the same weight the past 10 weeks and at my last appointment i had lost 2 pounds, my next appointment is on the 15th, so ill see what my weight is then, i don't own a scale so i don't know what i weigh currently. 
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  • I am 14 weeks and very petite. I have lost 4 lbs since the beginning of the pregnancy. I am having a hard time gaining weight, and I am not sure why. I am eating a lot and was sedentary for weeks. Hopefully things will start to pick up soon!

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  • I started off my pregnancy at what is considered a "normal weight."  By week 18, I was up 6 pounds and by week 22, I was up 12.  Everything I've read says that if you started your pregnancy at a "normal weight" then you should expect to gain between 25-35 pounds throughout your pregnancy.  It will happen differently depending on your diet and how quickly the LO grows.  I've also read that some weeks you won't gain anything and some weeks you gain like 5-10 pounds.  I would say as long as you feel good and LO is healthy, don't worry about a number! 
  • I've gained 6 lbs I think, my OB was pleased that I'm not packing it on yet :) That will come soon enough
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  • Im 18 weeks tomorrow and Ive gained 16lbs all together.
  • My weight fluctuates a lot but in general im down a few pounds

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  • I guess I take the prize with 20lbs.  To be honest, I'm happy with that.  At this point in my last pregnancy, I was 10lbs heavier than now. 
  • I have gained 8 lbs...I was already a little worried about having gained that much at just 13 weeks, but after reading all these responses I feel worse!  Eating frequently is what has kept my m/s at bay :/  Oh well!
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  • I'll be 18 weeks monday and am still at 0.  4 is a great place to be!

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  • None so far. I started overweight too. With my boys I was -15 at 9 months from my starting wt because of morning sickness and eating healthier.
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  • i gained a total of 12lbs with my son... this time around at 24 weeks I have gained 13 pounds. the last 5 somehow crept up on me lol

  • I'm 21 weeks and have gained about 5 (give or take a pound... it's so dang hard to tell with all the crazy fluid fluctuation).

    Doc doesn't want me to gain more than 15, so I hope I can keep it low.


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  • At 18 weeks I had only gained 2 lbs.  I'm only up to 9 right now.
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  • I'm at 4 lbs and my MW said I'm doing great.
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  • Ive only gained 3 or 4 pounds i weighed 129 at start
  • Hello. I am 2 days short of 17 weeks and have gained 3 lbs yet the baby is healthy so far.  My doctor told me that the baby will have growth spurts and that the baby was growing just fine.  I have known people who actually lost weight.  I eat just about everything in sight (have a high metabolism). Everyone is very different.
  • I am actually 18 weeks today/tomorrow. (ultrasound was inconclusive....) But anyhow. I had gained 3 pounds from conception, but learned at my appointment two days ago that I had lost 2 pounds. So.... grand total of 1 pound. I feel really weird about it. I am sure I gained more than this with my DS at this point. My Dr. had the nerve to fuss at me at my appointment this time and I wanted to punch him in the face. He told me well I am glad to see you lost all of your baby weight.  He made a big deal about how I had gained 40 lbs by this point last time and yadda yadda. I got mad and told him that I had gained 40 lbs more than my prepreg weight when my son was born....not by this point. I thought that was a good amount and I lost all of my baby weight in three months after DS was born....THANK YOU BF! But yeah I am with you about the weight gain this time. My normal dr. that I love told me that he was fine with my weight b/c my bump was growing. He just said weight and see your ultrasound how much that baby has grown. Its all ok. So, now I really can't wait to see LO! 
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  • Ugh, I've gained 20 pounds! I gained 15 by 6 weeks (and i wasn't just eating whatever I wanted, I was maintaining my weight on weight watchers for two years before that and went off of weight watchers)and since then, I have gained about 3- 5, depending on the day.  I'm hoping to keep my weight gain under 30 pounds... we will see.
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  • I have gained 8 lbs so far. 
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  • I lost 6 and have gained back 4.

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  • I am also 18 weeks and only 4 pounds gained. I am trying to do cardio 3 times a week, and am not pigging out on high fat/sugar foods. I really would like to keep my weight gain to 20-25 pounds. We'll see!
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  • These posts always bug me. Most of the posters have gained hardly anything and seem to be bragging, and then I feel like a pig.

    I'm at about 10 pounds at 16 weeks. Considering I gained 60 overall with my daughter and was up almost 30 pounds at 20 weeks, I think I'm doing great. I lost all the baby weight from my 1st pregnancy plus about 15 pounds so I was nervous about getting pregnant again in terms of gaining weight, but I'm not restricting my food in take or anything. I am trying to avoid a ton of junk food and walking more, but that's about it. Taking care of a toddler burns a lot of calories I guess.

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  • I've gained 7 lbs at 21 weeks. (average weight pre-preg)

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  • Try not to worry too much; weight gain and the pace at which it is gained varies greatly from woman to woman. If your midwife/doctor isn't concerned, you shouldn't be either.

    I have gained 11 pounds at 25 weeks. I think around 18 weeks I had gained about 6 pounds. 

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  • I lost about 3 lbs by that point... but with my last I lost 5 lbs in the beginning and didn't gain any until aorund 20 wks (with this one too) and then ended up gaining 40ish lbs by week 40.  Don't worry about it.  As long as you're eating appropriately and getting some mild exercise, you'll be fine.  I'm sure by the end you'll be more worried about gaining too much than not enough, lol.
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