Tilting head back after latching?

DD is 6 months old, and BFing has been a real struggle the entire time but I've managed to keep with it. I just took a week off nursing due to a weight issue with her (I EP'd the whole time) and started back yesterday nursing, pumping and supplementing with formula because I am not producing enough.

Anyway, right before this break -and it is continuing now that we've returned to nursing - H will tilt her head back after she's latched on and this is not doing good things to my boobs. I've tried repositioning her, so the boob is above her, below her, and even with her head to see if anything makes her stop. I've tried un-latching and relatching. I've tried holding her head so she has to push against my hand to tilt back. I don't know why she's doing it other than maybe with teething it feels good on her bottom gum to have my nipple there....  she's not arching her whole back so I don't think it's reflux. All I know is as if we weren't having enough problems already, my nipples can't take much more of this and I'm seriously re-considering EPing full time or abandoning BM altogether for formula.

Has anyone else dealt with this?


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