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RP: If you did not use 3 day method for PT...

Did you have your LO in underwear and have them tell you when they had to go?  Also, how many days was it before you were able to leave the house (like to go to the store) and if you did leave the house during the very beginning, did you put a diaper on LO?  Did it confuse them when they had a diaper on sometimes and not others?  Thanks!  I'm just toying with how I want to approach PT...any advice would be awesome!

Re: RP: If you did not use 3 day method for PT...

  • We did a modified 3DPT. We went straight into underwear in the morning, spent the morning at home, underwear for naps, then went out to the store (to buy underwear in fact!) after nap. We were out for about an hour. For a few days we didn't leave the house until he peed on the potty, and that buys me an hour or two before I have to sit him down again.

    We have a little travel potty that I keep in the car, and have one of these and leave it in the seat. 

    For both my kids, going straight into underwear has been the best route.  

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  • We went straight to underwear except at nap and night. We did put diapers on him when we went somewhere. We have been potty training for one week now. This morning DH took DS to McDonald's for a daddy breakfast and when they got home, his diaper was completely dry! They were gone about an hour and a half! He's really understanding things. However, he has started taking his diaper off during naps if he does wet them, which has been a pain, but at least he doesn't want to be wet anymore!
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  • We went straight to underpants because DD started stripping off her diaper all the time.  The first day we sat her on the potty every hour and we hung around the house.  The second day we put her in a pull-up to go out somewhere, but after she got through the first few days with only a couple of accidents I started leaving her in underwear to run errands.  We even did a 6 hour drive to my ILs house with her in underpants after about 5-6 days.  We still remind her to go because she gets really involved in playing and forgets to go sometimes, but she'll hold it for 2-3 hours now, and she hardly has any accidents.
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