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Blueberries cover question

I was going to get some Blueberries covers and see that they have their regular covers and the mini version.  The regular ones say 10-40 lbs and the minis fit 6-18 lbs.  I'm wondering if anyone has used them on a newborn and how they fit.  Should I get a couple of the minis and a couple of the regular, or just skip the mini all together?  Thanks!


Re: Blueberries cover question

  • I only have the regular (and did not use them when DD was a nb), but I will say that they're huge and will definitely not fit a nb IMO.  DD is 19lbs and they're very roomy on her, even snapped down.
  • Good to know thank you.  This part of cloth diapering is so frustrating - not knowing how big baby is going to be and guessing at everything is hard.
  • It definitely is tough!  DD was 8lbs11oz when she was born, so a pretty good sized baby, but she was still tiny.  I would have a few smaller covers on hand for the nb stage - I was able to use them on DD until she was about 10-12 weeks old.
  • Did you have a preference for snaps vs velcro?  Also, are they worth the $5 or so dollars over say a Flip, Thirsties or Bummis?  I do like that they legs have the gussets.
  • I prefer velcro for covers right now because I find it's easier to get a better fit, but I like snap ones too.  I recommend getting a mix of both to see what you like.  My Blueberry covers are my favorite.  I used Thirsties when DD was smaller and liked those a lot as well...I had sized and the duo.  I have one Flip cover and it's ok, I prefer my Blueberry covers (I'm a fan of the gussets).  I haven't tried Bummis. 
  • Thank you for all of your input.  It's much appreciated.  Big Smile
  • I had a big newborn, but they were a little big on her still.  I think they started fitting when she was a few weeks old.
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  • image ginamcp:
    Thank you for all of your input.  It's much appreciated.  Big Smile

    You're welcome!

  • I would definitely go with the mini.  There is no way that the regulars would have fit my newborn.  She started wearing them about 12 lbs.  We have these and thirsties and the blueberries are BY FAR my favorite.  We use all snaps now but different people like different things.
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