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Anyone own a Toyota Sequoia?

What do you like/hate about it?  We are considering trading in my Camry on one. Thanks!

Re: Anyone own a Toyota Sequoia?

  • We seriously considered one.  I had a 4Runner before, and loved it.  In the end, I loved the Sequoia, the style, the comfort, all of the bells and whistles, etc. but we went with a Tahoe instead because they are $10k or more less than the Sequoia's.  Driving both, I felt they rode the same.  I have only had the Tahoe for a little more than a month and I love it, too.  If they'd have cost the same, I'd have probably gone with the Sequoia just because I like the look of it a little more.  That is my female opinion. Smile

  • I have an 07, I think it was the last year they made this body style, I don't like the new one.

    There is nothing bad I can say about it other than with my two britax carseasts in the middle, it's so hard to get the seat to fold down to get in the back.

    I miss my car a lot and wish I still had something smaller for everyday. It's great for trips, lots of room.

  • We bought one about two years and I have LOVED it!  I can't say enough good things about it.  All the seats (including the third row) are electric which makes moving them easy.  We initially looked at the Highlander but honestly the third row seat was SO tiny and uncomfortable to the point of being (IMO) useless).  I love the built in retractable sun shades in the second row for the kids.  I love the DVD player for the kids.  I love the electrical folding side view mirrors.  I love that it turns on a handles better than any sedan I've ever owned.  It's HUGE and is perfect for two carseats (or more) plus, strollers, groceries, diaper bags and other kid crap.  We special ordered ours with Captain's Seats in the second row in order to easily access the third row.  I like being able to walk through to the third row if/when we need to.  I love the automatic rear hatch lift.  We ordered ours with navigation/rear back up camera (which is ESSENTIAL for me because when you're that high up, you can easily miss a small child, toys or other structures that are behind you by just using your side and rear view mirrors) and hands free.  The center console is HUGE...I mean, you can eat your freakin' lunch on it it's so wide....and the inside stows a LOT of stuff that I carry around with me everywhere (day planner, coupon file, son's school binder that I keep up with everything in, flashlight, umbrella, kitchen sink ;-) 

    Seriously, get one, you won't be sorry!  Gas prices SUCK, that's a given.  But, I shop for the absolute cheapest gas prices possible and limit my running around in it.  If you can afford the gas, then go for it!

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  • Oh, and I will say that we looked at Suburbans, Tahoes, Armadas and the Highlander and the MAIN reason we went with the Sequoia was because when the third row is folded down (which, in our case is 99.999% of the time) the rear cargo space is completely flat.  For some reason, the Suburbans/Tahoes all had some weird bump or step once the third row was folded down thus making it impossible to create a completely flat rear cargo surface.
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  • I LOVE my Sequoia! We bought it back in 2006 when I was pregnant with baby #3 and needed a more spacious vehicle for our growing family. Well, 5 years  and 4 kids later, I thank God I have one! We shopped for SUVs for practically a year before settling on the Sequoia. Hands down, it has the most space and the 3rd row seat is very roomy! Usually the 3rd row is teeny tiny and then there's no leg room, but the Sequoia actually feels just like the fron row seat (we bought the bench seats rather than the captain chairs) With kids, leather is a MUST! So glad we bought it with leather. The kids are older now and don't require so much stuff, but it was a God Send back when I was lugging around diaper bags, strollers, folding chairs, you name it, I stowed it in the back and STILL had room! With proper maintenance, it has rarely been in the shop for repairs. VERY reliable and handles extremely well!
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