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Please sedate me

If not for my own sanity, for the safety of others.   I'm not sure if it's hormones, the agony of already fully expecting a bfn, or maybe everyone that I am around is actually annoying as hell....anyway, I could sure use a tranquilizer. 

TTC #1 since 9/07
Dx MFI, AMA, Endo, AMH .16
Lap 10/09 Removed endometrioma, stage IV endo and adhesions
Lap 2/10 Endometrioma cysts & adhesions returned.
Ivf #1 4/10 Antagonist, ET Cancelled.
IVF #2 2/11 A/ACP+E2V C/P
IVF #3 6/11 Letrozole/Antagonist BFN
IVF #4 11/11 Low stim Antagonist BFN
Lap 3/12 Lap & Selective HSG
Many cycles of Letrozole and LP HCG w/TI and LDN
IVF #5 8/12 Low stim BFN
IUI #1 10/12 BFN br> S&PAIFW

Re: Please sedate me

  • I am sorry, I have a half a bottle of Tylenol 3 left over from ER you can have if you like!
    my blog

    SAIF Always Welcome

    7 rounds of Clomid,

    1 round of Gonal F,

    4 IUIs,

    and 65 pounds lost and counting all resulting in BFNs

    March 2011 IVF#1 225iu Gonal F, 75iu Menopur= 4 eggs retrieved, 1 fertilized,
    3dt of The Champ = BFN

    June 2011 IVF#2 520iu Gonal F, 75iu Menopur =
    10 eggs retrieved, 4 fertilized, 5dt of 2 blasts = BFN

    Jan. 2012 IVF #3 675iu Gonal F, 75iu Menopur, 30mg Lovenox, steroids=

    11 eggs retrieved, 4 fertilized, 5dt of 2 beautiful blasts=

    BFP!!!! Beta #1 = 102, Beta #2 = 285 Beta #3 = 1805

    1st u/s = One Jelly Bean, HR 128!

    BabyFruit Ticker

  • I am RIGHT THERE with u. IN 2ww, crazy hormonal headache, in sales and my numbers are so down and I just want this F-ing Beta to be here b/c my fluctuation from positive thoughts to negative thoughts are about to make me go INSANE!
    ME- 35    DH- 40
    TTC #1 
    IVF#1 w ICSI- 4/20/11 ER, 6 Eggs, 4 Fertilized, 4/25/11 5 day ET, 2 blasts- 5/4- Beta= BFN- No Frosties 

    IVF #2 w ICSI-6/21/11 ER, 4 Eggs, 2 Fertilized, 6/24/11 3 day ET 2 embryos- Beta 7/5/11- BFN- No frosties.
    NEW RE
    IUI #1- started 50ius of follistim 1/25, IUI 2/3/12 - BFN
    AMH-0.73- DOR 2/2012

    IUI #2- 3/17/12 started 200ius of Follistim , 3/24/12 added ganirelix, 225ius Follistim and 75ius of repronex, IUI- 3/30/12, Beta April 13, 2012-BFN

    Appointment with Dr. Schoolcraft at CCRM July 18, 2012
    AMH tested again 1/2013- 1.4!!!!
    IUI #3- 1/14/13 started 200ius of Follistim, 1/20/13 added menopur and ganirelix, IUI 1/25/13. Positive HPT 2/6/13- Beta #1- 193- BFP!!! 2/8/13-Beta#2-426.6
    2/26 ultrasound #1- TWINS!
    Delivered a healthy beautiful baby boy on 10/17/13 10ls. 2 ounces

    TTC #2 
    IUI #4 cancelled due to only one egg responding 
    IUI#5 cancelled on CD 10,  (3) follicules were still very small even on 300 IU's of Follistim. Also found fluid in my uterus from C-section scar
    BFP- 8/9/15 
    Beta #1 8/10/15 13DPO-   9.2 (fingers crossed this sticks)
    Beta #2 8/12/15 15DPO   39- progesterone 18 
    Beta #3 8/14/15    111- progesterone 17.5
    Ultrasound August 31- 

    PAIF or SAIF Welcome


  • I have some Oxycodone I can send you. :)  Those will put you right where you want to be, lol.

    I'm sorry your going through all these crazies feelings.  HUGS


    TTC #1 Since 11/08 - Dx: MFI & PCOS
    7 IUIs = All BFNs
    2011: March IVF #1.2 = e/p @ 6w: May IVF #2 = BFN: July sFET #1 = BFN

    2012: Jan We're Certified FC/A Parents
    May IVF #3 = c/p
    June-Nov Foster Mommy to M (Toddler)
    July FET #2 = BFN
    Aug FET #3 = BFN
    Sept-Nov Foster Mommy to Baby Bella (Newborn)
    Nov HSG/Sono = Clear!
    Dec FET #4 = BFN

    2013: Feb FET #5 = m/c @ 6.5w
    May-July Foster Mom to H (8 yr old girl)
    June/July/Aug IVF #4 = Freeze All
    July = Unofficially Adopting T (10 yr old boy)
    Sept FET #6 = TBD
    **PAIF/SAIF Welcome**
  • I'm sorry you're feeling so edgy!  Totally understandable though!  I'm rooting for you and praying you get your sticky BFP from this cycle!!!  When is your beta??!!!!!


    Married 6/19/04 and TTC #1 since 8/06.
    2/2008: First RE consult.
    4/2009: Consulted 2nd RE.
    Diagnosis over the past 3 years of doing IF treatments: PCOS, mild endo, MTHFR, Factor II mutation, APAS & autoimmune ovarian failure.
    3 cycles Clomid/IUI: 2 BFNs and 1 blighted ovum.
    3 cycles injectables/IUI: 2 BFNs and 1 ectopic pg.
    1 IVF: c/p.
    1 FET: blighted ovum.
    2 fresh IVFs: poor response, 1 canceled and 1 converted to IUI=BFN.
    6/2010: RE recommends donor eggs
    5/2011: 1st Donor egg cycle results in BFP! Due 2/22/12 with a boy!

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  • i think you need my 2ww song!

    i hate the 2ww mindfu*ck

    i hope it passes quickly cutie

    Worrying does not empty tomorrow of its troubles, It empties today of its strength. ~Corrie ten Boom
    Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says I'll try again tomorrow. ~Mary Anne Radmacher (thank you beadinglady)

    It's been a long journey. TTC since 9/06. multiple IUI's and IVF's and 4 m/c's. IVF#3 = BFP, twins, induced at 34w6d due to baby b passing away (no explanation). Delivered on 35w1d, Baby A - baby girl, and Baby B - baby boy, our little angel.
    MTHFR A1298C & C677T, Immune Issues and Factor II
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