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Intro-Short Cervix @ 31w

Hi ladies,

I was told by someone on my BMB that I should check this board out and that you ladies have been a great support to some other mommies.

Last night after some cramping, backache etc we were told to go to L&D. While there we found out that my cervix is soft and only measuring 1.5cm and also baby is head down. I was given the first steroid shot and will go back tonight for the second. We also had the FFN test done last night that came back negative.

I am on bed rest and see our Dr next week to determine what happens next.  

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Re: Intro-Short Cervix @ 31w

  • Hi there!  I am in the same boat.  I went in at 24 weeks complaining of pressure and they measured my cervix and it was at 2.8cm.  They also gave me the Ffn test and it came back positive.  They started me on progesterone suppositories until 36 weeks but said that I could still work.  The next week we were so excited my cervix measured 3.68cm but I had another positive Ffn test.   The next week it was down to 2.2cm but no contractions or dilation.  At 27 weeks, they placed me on bedrest and took me out of work.  Yesterday, at my appt, my cervix measured 1.7 cm.  They have not said they are going to give me the steroid shot yet because my cervix is not dilating or funneling.  And baby seems to be happy and growing.  Just stay positive and try not to stress yourself out :)  I know it's easier said than done.  I've made it 6 weeks since my positive Ffn test and I just feel deep in my soul that our baby is going to make it to term.  Let me know if you need anything!  Sending Happy baby thoughts your way!

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  • Hi msj :)
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  • claarclaar member

    Congrats on the negative ffn! That is a really good sign that you will not deliver within the next couple of weeks.  I know congrats is a weird way of putting it, but you have to celebrate the small victories, I suppose :-)

     From your history, you seem to be in good shape...while 1.5 cm is short, you still have some cervix to work with... my last measurement was 0.7 cm at 26 weeks and I had a positive ffn at 24 weeks...currently sitting at almost 32 idea if I am going to deliver tomorrow or weeks from now.  Have really had to start practicing living in the moment and celebrating each day.  Don't get too obsessed with looking at calendars... on bedrest I like to countdown how far I've come, and count down days to small milestones (like 12 days to 32 weeks, etc.).  Best of luck to you!

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