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What potty seat should I get?

I may have posted this before, so I apologize if you've responded before!

I think I'm going to have to bite the bullet and get a stand-alone potty seat. I was hoping we could go straight to the toilet insert kind, but DD won't be able to get on the toilet herself. My biggest issue is that I don't want to have to clean it, so bonus points if your recommendation is easy to clean!

Thanks for any help you can offer!

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Re: What potty seat should I get?

  • Pricey, but ridiculously easy to clean (the middle insert pulls out).  And the little bump in the front of the insert makes sure spray doesn't get everywhere.


    Re: easy to clean - DD #2 is almost 100% potty trained, but is not good at holding it if she's on a long car ride and the next rest stop is far away... we are currently keeping this in the back of the van.  We can pull over on the side of the road and have her pee in it, we just dump it and wipe it out with Clorox wipes.

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  • We have the same one Artslvr linked, however, I can't speak to cleaning it since so far it has received very little use! But that's the one almost everyone I asked recommended.

    I was trying to find one and heard the advice to have the child decide which one to get.  I thought it sounded a little hokey, but I took DD to BBB and put down several potty seats and she chose that one.  Some she wouldn't even sit on.  The baby bjorn one has a nice high back and I think it is more comfortable than other ones.  But, yeah, the price is ridiculous!

  • We have the little baby Bjorn one too.  I borrowed it from my sister.  So the cost wasn't a big issue but Maggie did like it.  Soon after she did transfer over to using the toilet with a potty ring and a step stool.
  • I would get a toilet seat anyway, your LO won't be going by herself for a while anyway, so you might as well go straight to the toilet. DD is 32 mo and now only goes by herself and only on the big toilet, she even refuses to put the ring over it. She just pushes herself up on her arms or puts her little stool by the toilet and climbs on. I'd get both and see if the LO will use the toilet, one less transition down the road!


  • We also have the Bjorn.  DD isn't potty trained yet but when she does sit on the potty she prefers the Bjorn seat to the separate potty chair (also Bjorn)
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  • FWIW, both my girls started with the potty chair, and "graduated" to the potty seat/ring/toilet insert thing (like pp, both of mine are Bjorn).  So we have both.  They quickly graduated from the ring to being able to just sit on any toilet and hang on to balance, but I think the progression of those things worked really well for them.
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  • We have the Summer potty.  It was a hand me down from my sister.  DD1 loved this thing.  It is easy to clean.  We just pulled out the insert, dumped, sprayed, wiped and rinsed.  She went from that straight to the regular potty.  She refused to sit on a ring.  We tried starting with the ring/reg potty and she wouldn't even entertain the idea.  I like this potty because it becomes a step they can use to wash their hands.


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