Had my VBAC

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Had my VBAC on June 22! I was so worried for months and was worried my Dr would change her mind. I am so excited it went so smoothly. Only 3 and 1/2 hours of labor with and epi and Addistyn was here at 6lbs 11oz and 17 1/4" long 



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Re: Had my VBAC

  • Congrats!  It's always great to hear successful VBAC stories!  And what a beautiful little girl!
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  • Congrats.  If you get time to tell the long version, we'd love to hear it.  As PP said, we love to hear positive stories.
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  • Congratulations Mama!
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  • Congrats!!  What is it about 2nd labors?  My VBAC was 4.5 hours start to finish... I'm worried how quickly this one will progress.  :)

     Would love to hear the whole story when you get a chance.

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  • What a cutey!  Congrats!
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    I had been having contractions but they never stayed steady. I went to my 38-39 week appt and the Dr said that the baby was right there, I was dilated to 2cm and i was thinned out. She said go home and walk and have sex (this was a friday) and she wanted to see me Monday providing i didnt see her over the weekend. So the weekend came and went..I was in her office Monday having contractions but they came and went and that was it. The Dr said that for whatever reason my body doesnt want to contract and the baby was ready.She thought for sure she would have seen me over the weekend. So we talked about inducing if I wasnt having steady contractions by wed. (this put me 38weeks 6 days)

    So here we are Wed morning in L&D getting ready to induce. I had all 3 of my kids and hubby with me. The Dr ruptured the membranes at 9:15am with clear fluids and 3cm . She hoped that this would help my body to contract on its own. It didnt...so they started slow pitocin and would up it every hour if needed. i had been induced with previous pregnancies so i knew labor wouldnt last long once i got pitocin it would go quick. The Dr and nurse were like well it will probably be a late this afternoon before we see baby since we have you on such a low does because we are doing VBAC. At about 10 they stopped the pitocin as i was dilating fast (like i knew i would) . After the pitocin was stopped i started having contractions on my own (they just needed a little jump start) . At that point I got my epi and things were rolling right along. The Dr and nurses couldnt believe it when I couldnt help but push and baby was here at 12:30 in the afternoon.

    The best part was I had been worried for months what i was going to do with my boys when i had this baby since I had no one to watch them. Well they stayed in the room up until it was time to deliver. I assumed that they would just go with my husband and wait in the waiting room. But to my suprise my hubby walked in 2 mon later and said that my Dr made arrangments for a nurse to watch them so he could be in there!!! I was so excited. I guess the nursing staff had mentioned how well behaved my kids had been all day so they had no problems keeping them destracted. My room was literally right infront of the nursing station so while i was pushing I could hear my kids laughing.. it was the best experiance EVER!!!

  • Congrats!  I love her name!
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