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reasons for bedrest?

I am new here and was just curious as to why all of my fellow bed-resters are on bedrest, thought it would be interesting to hear everyone's stories so i know who and what to pray for and see if anyone is in a similar boat as me. I am already learning that this is such a great support system and i am happy to be a part of it.
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Re: reasons for bedrest?

  • Good morning!!  I have vasa previa which means there are blood carrying vessels that are directly over my birthing canal.  The umbilical cord is also attached in this same area.  As baby gets bigger, he puts pressure on his cord and those vessels.  Should that area rupture, baby could bleed out before we could even get to the hospital.  Prior to being diagnosed with vasa previa, I was having significant bleeding issues.  Since I've been on bed rest, I haven't bled at all.  Next week I will be admitted into the hospital and they plan on taking the baby via C-section between 34-36 weeks.  There goal is to keep me from going into labor at all.   
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  • Short cervix.
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  • I have a large Subchorionic Hematoma (SCH): bleeding between placenta and uterine wall. They are hopeful it will resolve by 20 weeks.
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  • I've been on modified bed rest since 22 weeks due to suspected twin to twin transfusion syndrome.  Hospitalized since 24 weeks when baby A started having some very abnormal umbilical cord dopplers.  We now have about a 30% difference in their size.  Baby A has normal fluid levels and baby B is still has slight polyhydramnios.  Still abnormal cord doppler in baby A.  Now they think it is more placental insufficiency.  My reason is complicated and uncommon, needless to say!  Fortunately I have not had issues with PTL or shortened cervix, but with twin pregnancy it is always a high risk.  I have to stay in the hospital for close monitoring and frequent u/s.
  • The doctor saw that my cervix is funneling up near my uterus.  Thank God my cervix opening is still closed tight and thick but I've been on bed rest for the last week.  I go in for a follow up u/s tomorrow.  It can't come fast enough!
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  • contractions at 19 week...bed rest for one week. shortened cervix...lost mucus plug at 23w5d. on bedrest for the duration. dr would like for me to make it to 35-37 weeks then have plans to induce.

    **I had a still birth at 24w due to loosing my mucus plug and having contractions and didn't think much of it

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  • contractions and irritable uterus that cause me to go into preterm labor. 1cm dilated, 85% effaced, anterior cervix. on bed rest until 36 weeks and on Procardia to control contractions until then as well.
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