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anyone have a slow leak of fluid??

I was wondering if anyone here was leaking fluid slowly that could explain to me as detailed as possible what it is like- I have noticed a serious change in my discharge and am not sure if i should be worried that i am leaking- it is almost like discharge mixed with something else- when my water broke with my first pregnancy it was a big gush so i can't relate it to that because this isnt a gush- but for instance- this morning i got up took a shower and put on clean clothes and within one hour i had to change my underwear because they were damp through the other side, i can also kind of "feel" it coming out of me whereas usually with discharge i was unaware it was there until going to the bathroom, getting changed etc. Im sorry if this is TMI but i am really just worried and hoping that anyone else could share their story on leaking fluid so i could see if i have any similarities- i am going to my OB and the peri tomorrow so am planning to say something to one of them about it but just was hoping for some peace of mind to get me through the day/night. thanks so much everyone!
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Re: anyone have a slow leak of fluid??

  • I had a slow leak for 48 hrs before I had my 1st baby.

    It felt much like you say yours is. I would put on a pad and it would fill up, but slowly throughout the day.

    Finally, how I knew it was really my water breaking (and this is WAY TMI), but when I wiped before urinating, i saw all these tiny dark hairs on the toilet paper, and it ended up being the lanugo that the baby had shed and was floating in the amniotic fluid. It was like fine/downy like hair and I had to look really hard to see it after I noticed it.

    Of course, my child had dark hair, so if yours is a blonde or fair headed, you may not notice ;).

    If you are worried about this though, it may help to bring it up to your doctors now instead of waiting until tomorrow. How many weeks are you? IF it is your amniotic fluid, and you are not full term, you will want to possibly stop labor, so time is of the essence and 24 hours can make a big difference! 

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  • Im not trying to scare u but u need to be seen asap anytime you think this is happening u need to be sure and I would not wait.They say if u stand and u can feel fluid leak it prob is amniot fluid Well it happen to me anyway two yrs ago had cerclage placed and had slow leak. I had no smell they say it suppose to smell sweet buty underwear and pants where wet. I called my peri they thought I was leaking urine I insisted to be seen when I got to L&D they stuck a q tip To test and broke my bag right then n there. So it is always better to get cked Jus to be safe and u can ask for the strip so they dnt stick anythinf Up there. Im not tryin to scare u hope this helps n u get cked now. I dnt know How far along u are but hope everything works out. If u need to talk im here
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  • I forgot to say if it is a slow leak it can seal, drink lots of water the babys urine will build Build up lay on ur left side
  • Don't wait to go to the doctor until tomorrow.  You should go today.  They can do a simple test to see if it's fluid or not. I had a slow leak with my DS.  I first felt something/discharge/fluid in the morning and went to the doctor that afternoon.  I could feel something coming out - but it was just a small drip feeling.  I didn't even have enough to soak up a pantiliner.  Throughout the day I kept smelling it and trying to figure out if it was fluid but honestly, none of the "signs" or smells are a given that it's fluid or not.  You need to have it tested by your doctor.

    If it's fluid, you are at extreme risk of pre-term labor (you are essentially in labor) and infection.  Obviously, neither of those are good for baby or you.

     Best wishes.  I'll be thinking of you and hope it's not fluid.

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