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I think you mentioned on FB having trouble with your piriformis and bursitis. Any improvement? Did you see a doctor?

The day you posted that, I bent over to pick up 25-lb DS and felt a tug in my lower back and hip, and since then, it's been getting worse and worse. I saw a chiropracter yesterday and didn't get much relief. The right side of lower back and entire hip are tight, painful, and feel like they're burning. Ugh!

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  • Thanks for checking in on me!

    I was just thinking this morning about how I'm feeling a LOT better.  I went to see my doctor last Wed and she prescribed some heavy duty pain meds and muscle relaxers.  I also had my hip and spine x-rayed over the weekend so I should be calling today to get the results.

    Ugh - sorry to hear about you!  I can't believe F is 25lbs already!  It's becoming more and more apparent that I have two peanuts.  I weighed them yesterday and Harry is only 19lbs and Alex is 20lbs.  In our house, Alex, with all of his 20lbs, is the chunk-ster!

    Feel better!

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