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Raising Hope- have you seen this show?

It's SO funny and it makes me feel so much better about my parenting skills. Also, it stars Martha Plimpton from the Goonies!  My favorite was when they lost the baby in the pile of clutter on the garage. Surprise  We don't catch it all the time, but when we do it's one of the few shows that makes us laugh.  I think it's on Tuesdays on Fox. Big Smile
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Re: Raising Hope- have you seen this show?

  • DH and I both love this show!
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  • I have watched a few times, when I was just clicking the remote and found is hilarious!
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  • Love it!  Have you seen the one where Hope barks when the doorbell rings? Hilarious!


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  • steverstever member
    Have seen it twice. It's cute.
  • Love this show!!
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  • JUST in the past 2 weeks happened to catch a couple episodes.  Thought it was hysterical! 
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  • Love this show. The first episode that explains how Hope was conceived was a riot. Haven't seen it in a few months though. I hope it's on again in the fall.
  • I am still laughing at the 70's "carseat" they picked up at Goodwill and what happened when they swerved to miss a squirrel. The carseat was not buckled in. It was just sitting on the back seat with Hope strapped into it. OMG Hilarious!
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