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Non traditional birthing options

Hi, i was just wondering if anyone has tried anything different like a water birth or home birthing that could recommend a midwife or a place that does a great job with these kinds of things. I live in Pelham and someone told me about the Birth Cottage in Milford but i feel like thats a little too far to travel for appointments especially since they have limited hours on certain days. After watching "Pregnancy in America" on netflix i really want to do something other than deliver my baby laying on a hospital bed, and after you watch that it makes me wonder what hospitals really care about, the people or the money. If you've seen it then you know what i'm talking about. I'm currently going to a place that is linked with Lowell General Hospital in Lowell, MA. That is where i grew up and most of my friends and family went there so I've heard good things but at the same time i dont have a Dr. that i feel is going to bring that great experience i'm hoping for. I would like to see just 1 person and where i'm going has 6 Dr.'s and i'm not so sure i'm comfortable with that. This is all new to me and i know i'm not very far along but i would just like to feel comfortable with a plan soon. Anyways any feedback anyone has would be great, thanks!

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Re: Non traditional birthing options

  • Hello,

    Let me start by saying I can't actually help you with your question about looking for a midwife since I did not go that route.   

    A few things to think about though:   when you watch movies like that, keep in mind that they are made to be controversial or else no one would watch them.   I have not seen this particular documentary but most documentaries that I've seen only show one side of the story.     I have three children, all born at the Elliot Hospital in Manchester and all were great experiences.   All three were high-risk, including NICU time, and I never once felt that I or my children weren't cared for and given everything we/they needed.   

    As for wanting to see only one doctor - that's actually not a good idea.   What if the one doctor that you saw for your entire pregnancy is not available when you're in labor?   What if he/she is on vacation, has a family emergency, or is with another woman giving birth?      I went to Manchester OB (across from the Elliot).   They have 5 OBs and the way they do it is to have you see each OB at least once during your pregnancy so you get to know them and feel comfortable.   They were all very good at reading the notes in the chart and knowing what I had talked to the other OBs about.   I did have one "primary" OB but each time I delivered I had one of the other OBs with me and it was still great.    A bigger office also has a lot more flexibility with scheduling. 

    If you are feeling nervous/overwhelmed, another good idea may be to find a doula who will be with you throughout the whole process.   

    If you already know you are not comfortable with your current OB, I would try to find another one ASAP.    Sometimes it's just not a good fit.   I would definitely not go through a whole pregnancy without being happy with my OB.   

    Good luck to you!  

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