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Just joined yesterday. We had a missed miscarriage in Dec and a D and C on New Years Eve. Been ttc since March. The obgyn had told me to wait til then. Seems like everyone I know is getting pregnant right now and they are sailing through their pregnancies without any major hiccups. Most of them are trying to be sensitive toward me but it's been a few months now. It's hard not to feel hopeless when I see so many others that don't seem to have the trouble that I went through. Everyone says "you'll be next". I'm afraid that I'll annoy my husband with talking about getting pregnant all the time. It's like it's burned into my brain. It was my first pregnancy and I'm scared that it will be the only one. Thought it would be nice to join this community where I can talk about my feelings with others that know what I'm talking about without just patting me on the head and saying it will be all right. Just needed a vent! :)

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  • Welcome. I'm sorry for your loss. I hope you'll be able to get and stay pregnant soon so you can join the mommy ranks. GL and take care of yourself.
  • I'm so sorry for your loss.  There are some wonderful women here who have had MC's who may be able to relate to you better than your friends. 

    Are you temping and charting? The bump ticker is fairly useless. is a great resource if you're interested, and will be far more accurate. Most women here use it to chart.

    GL, and I hope you have a healthy pregnancy soon! 

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