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adoption scam in the news

I debated on whether to post this because I don't want to add any fear to the adoption process but it's always good to be aware of possible scams.  Anyway this is the craziest story with so many victims, it's really a sad situation.




Re: adoption scam in the news

  • I think it's great to share. It's important that everyone remain vigilant in the adoption world.  Adoption is an emotional rollercoaster w/o scams... and it become scary with scams.  

    Here is a list of "red flags"-

    FWIW-  we corresponded with a "consultant" who is being investigated for scamming families.  Luckily our relationship never materialized but due to emails sent back and forth, I was called to give a statement.  Here's the story:

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  • Thanks for sharing. I want to always read about these so that I can maintain my caution - it's always a good reminder. So sad.
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  • If you're doing international, you can find info and alerts here


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