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Boo. I'm sad

I had been keeping a log of DDs firsts in a draft e-mail, and I must have deleted it by accident or something, because it's totally gone. I was doing such a good job of keeping everything in there, and I don't think I can recreate it because my memory sucks. Boo.
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Re: Boo. I'm sad

  • oh no!! you checked the trash folder, right? maybe there is an older copy of the draft? might be worth it to contact yahoo or gmail or whatever email it is and ask if they can retrieve it for you!

    I kept it as a draft for DS and have one in Word for DD


  • I don't know what service you use, but yahoo helped my parents recover emails they deleted from their account (it was gone from trash as well).  Apparently they keep a back up for some length of time.
  • Thanks ladies! I went through yahoo's help form to hopefully get it retrieved. I spent a lot of time searching all my folders, but to no avail. I'm hoping the yahoo techies have more luck!
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  • Oh no! Sometimes that's why I hate technology - I rely on it way too much for important memories. (Our milestones are also sitting in a word doc instead of her actual baby book which is 4 feet from me right now) Hopefully yahoo can help you recover it!
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