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Freaking out about DC in MoCo! Talk me down!

Baby B is 7 months old, and we are fortunate enough that my husband's employer has a fabulous family leave policy so he has been able to stay home with B until he goes back to work the middle of August. For the last 6 months, I have been planning to do a nanny share with a friend (and she knew a nanny). My friend just let me know that she has changed her mind, and wants to go a different direction with her child care. I am FREAKING a bit! I haven't done any research because I thought we had it all worked out. We can't afford a nanny on our own, and we also probably can't afford a daycare center (plus it is probably too late to get in for August).

Please someone who has been through this process talk me down!!! We live in northern MoCo Germantown area and are I guess looking for options Germantown/Gaithersburg maybe? THANKS!!!!

Re: Freaking out about DC in MoCo! Talk me down!

  • Can you use her nanny and try to find another family?

    Otherwise, I agree with PP, in-homes might be the best way to go.

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  • Has anyone ever used, or know of anyone with experience using the MoCo in-home placement service? Unfortunately we are older so most of our friends are years past the daycare age, so I don't know who to ask for references! Ack!
  • You will find good childcare - it's only a matter of time! I used both the MoCo LOCATE service and Monday Morning Moms to interview providers and found one that worked well. I'd recommend both avenues for research. Good luck!
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  • Ditto DCtoLow.  We ultimately went through Monday Morning Moms and have been really satisfied with the care our LO has gotten, and the services that they provide.  Plus, you are actually at a perfect time to contact MMM because they generally try to place families with providers about 6 weeks before care begins. 
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  • Try not to freak out! (I know, easier said than done ;). I found myself in a similar situation (way back when!) when the Daycare center we had planned on fell through only one month before I had to go back to work. I literally started cold-calling centers in the area and desperately asking if they had any openings for an infant. I figured I would take whatever I could get at that point (since I had no choice but to go back to work, I couldn't be TOO picky, but i did have some standards). If need be, I knew I could continue looking for something else and transfer DD when I could get in somewhere better.

     Thankfully, I found a place that could take me when needed and they weren't bad at all so we stayed there for 2 years until we moved. ANyway, point is that you can always go for something that is 'good enough' until you can get what you really want. It isn't ideal, but sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures.

     For what it is worth, my girls go to the Kindercare on Clopper Rd in Germantown (behind the Shoppers Food Warehouse) and I've been pleased. ANother Nestie's kids go there too. Not sure what the going rate is for the infant room, but if you want to chat, feel free to email me at frogdogny at yahoo

  • We live in that area....

     It all depends on how you feel with In-home.  We have an in-home for our 8 yo, during the school year, during the summer she is in camp.  There is a Kindercare that we are very familiar with and Iman Learning Center which we like alot for younger children.  The prices will probably the make or break factor for you.  Both of which are accepting at the moment so you can tour.  You should also check with your husband's job or your own, to see if they offer discounts in using some DC providers.  We receive discounts through our jobs so we do not incur such large charges....

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