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Weaning questions

Hi everyone!  Haven't been around in a while and I hope to catch up on all the posts recently.  I have been wanting to post some questions about weaning but will have to ask them and disappear again until later tonight.

For any of you that weaned from BFing around a year (or anytime, really) - is there anything I can/should do to prepare for that now?  Bottom line - I am ready to stop.  I will go the full recommended 12 months because I am able to and because I don't want to mess with formula and bottles for just 3 months, but I am really hoping that we can get Noah off BFing as soon as possible after he is a year.  The real truth is I am tired of being the only one who can put him to bed and I'm tired of not being able to get away from the house for more than 3 hours.  Call me selfish, but I am unhappy and I think being happy will make me a better mom to him.

I did check out kellymom but frankly that site just makes me feel terrible for even thinking of quitting, and I didn't find any really helpful tips on there.  So any advice would be welcome! Thanks in advance!!

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Re: Weaning questions

  • Margaux was off BM at a year, but we did some pumping so it wasn't as abrupt a change.  We gave her sippies with regular whole milk more frequently (but not at bedtime), that seemed to help.  Good luck!
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    I weaned M at 18 months. We changed up our bed time routine so that DH read to him for the first few weeks to get us over the worst of M wanting to nurse to sleep. Since then I'm the main bedtime story reader :)

    And I had to pump for a week or so because I was so engorged :(

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  • Gah, I'm in this situation at the moment. S has refused the bottle from day one. I was pumping for a stash to try convert her over, but my supply is tanking. I finally got her to take a bottle with juice, but I still get the wtf mom look. She spit sprays formula, every kind I've tried. I'm probably just going to have to try goat's milk instead, if this keeps up, because I can already tell my taps will run dry soon (it's happened before).

    I never had trouble switching before, I had huge stashes with L, T and E, so it lasted a while until I switched to formula (6m, 11m, 6m at EP). Once the stash got low, I mixed formula and BM until the BM was gone, and no worries from there.

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