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Feedback about Doylestown / surrounding areas

Hey all -

My husband and I are relocating from Austin to the Doylestown area in August. We're headed up later this week to meet with our real estate agent and look at houses. I've been looking at these communities online, but wondered what people really think. It's important to us to have outdoor activities available (running trails, hiking maybe?) close. As a SAHM with an 11 month old, I also want to make sure I'm in an area that is kid-friendly and has accessible shopping. Would you mind giving me any honest feedback you have? Specifically, we're looking at Doylestown, Quakertown, Harleysville, Souderton, Perkasie, and Chalfont. Is there really much difference between them? Also, I've read that Bucks County School System is great, but it looks like the areas have good schools as well. Any thoughts on that?


Re: Feedback about Doylestown / surrounding areas

  • I live in Doylestown/Buckingham and work in Chalfont.  I also have close friends in Perkasie.  All three of these areas are very child friendly. Doylestown and Chalfont are both in the Central Bucks School District - which is very highly rated.  New Britain is in between Dtown and Chalfont - so that is worth a look.

    There can be a pretty significant price differnce between the housing - so that could sway which township you end up in.

    I can tell you that the community I live in has 2 parks within a mile a bike/running trail that continues for over 5 miles and lots of activities for kids!  The burough of Doylestown has great shopping, the Y, and a pretty decent hospital. There are libraries, museums, and always activities going on.  Take a look at the buckingham or doylestown websites - I get a weekly e-mail form them about local activities!

    Honestly - I love where I live.  Like I mentioned before I live in Buckingham, but it has a Doylestown address. Do you already have a realtor.  We have a great realtor that we used to buy our house in North Wales - sell that house - and buy again!  Let me know.  I don't come to this board much, so PM me.

  • I am in Perkasie and I love it. I grew up in Bedminster and have been in this area my entire life. My development has lots of kids around and a playground which we like to go to. There is also a walking trail that takes you into Perkasie. The school system (Pennridge) is good and Central Bucks Schools are really good too.

    This week there is actually a carnival going on in Perkasie. They have other events that go on through out the year. There is also a very nice public pool here with a very nice kiddie area. 

    If you have any questions just feel free to ask! :)

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    I am no help on those specific areas, but had to give an ATX shout-out :) We moved to PA from Austin this time last year. Good luck with the move!

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  • I am teacher in Central Bucks School District and I can honestly say that the educational programs are fantastic! Doylestown is more pricey than some of the surrounding areas. Chalfont is very pretty and offers a variety of housing options.

    I live in Souderton because our DS is still very young. It is much more affordable and allows me to be close to work without having to pay the high taxes. If you need any specific help with the area, please feel free to PM me! I can give you more info on specific neighborhoods or areas you might be looking at!


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  • I grew up in Sellersville (which adjoins Perkasie) and, now, as an adult living in Philly, really appreciate the area when I go back to visit the family.  Doylestown has a much larger town-center (as the county seat), excellent restaurants, and the best shopping of the areas you mentioned.  Quakertown has most of the big-box stores and chain restaurants you could ever want (and REALLY cheap produce at the Quakertown Farmer's Market, aka: The Q-Mart).

     The Perkasie/Sellersville area is more small town/bedroom community.  Sellersville actually has a decent ice cream shop and a theater with live music and new establishments keep popping up in Perkasie.  As of 2000, there was still an annual Little League parade through town to mark the opening of the season, and there's an annual community day with canoe races and the like, fireworks, fireman's carnivals, and a Gallery of the Arts juried art show, amongst other small-town treasures.  The Lake Lenape park system has several miles of bike trails (and, I just learned, an ultimate frisbee course!) that meander between the two towns.

     Overall, the Bucks County parks system is lovely--you should also check out Peace Valley, near Chalfont, and Nockamixon outside of Quakertown.  It's a lovely area to raise a family!

    (All that being said, if I could afford it, I'd choose Doylestown...but the kids will get a good education at any of the schools.  I just like the cosmopolitan feel of Doylestown, while still being nestled in the country.)  Feel free to PM me as well!  Best of luck house-hunting!

  • I grew up in and now live in Doylestown (plumstead with a doylestown address) I think the central bucks schools are the best and that is why we are here (we moved from Lansdale)

    I think the entire area is kid friendly with lots of different housing styles

    feel free to PM me, as I said, I grew up here and know the area well


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  • Oh and after a recent experience with my nephew in the quakertown school district, I would avoid it. Actually, I would have wanted to avoid quakertown before, but now I am emphatic about it

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  • I moved to Doylestown last yar because of relocation.  I lived in a city in Connecticut, and I am glad we picked Doylestown.  Hands down the best town in the area
  • We live in Chalfont and love it!!  You pretty much can't go wrong with Doylestown/Chalfont area :)
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  • definately you want to stick with doylestown/chalfont/new britain. the other areas are close but you will find out the housing in the other areas you mentioned significantly cheaper and there is a reason for it!
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