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Sadness mingled with the joy of money

I have been getting rid of baby stuff.  I still have some saved for my SIL, who is TTC, but so far I have sold on CL or to local nesties 2 strollers, 1 jumperoo, 1 PNP, 8 piece bedding set, toy box and matching throw rug.  Have given away to nesties or donated over a dozen bags of clothes and shoes, 3 trash bags of toys, 1 plain jane swing, infant play gym and boppy with extra cover.  Also gave away a love seat to neighbor's sons who are moving out (neighbors have helped us a lot).  Still have more to post on CL too as we are cleaning out the basement and rearranging rooms.  While still a little sad at times about not having another baby, it just feels so good to clean house and get goodwill, tax receipts or cold hard cash in return.  Big Smile

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Re: Sadness mingled with the joy of money

  • I wish I could have gotten money for our stuff--but at least I felt good for donating it. 

    Cash is ALWAYS good. ;-)


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  • Joy of extra cash PLUS less clutter!  I know it'll rip my heart out when I start giving/selling stuff, but I would love to declutter!


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  • Good for you!  As I pack up DS's tiny clothes, I wonder if I will see them again for a hopeful #2 or if I will be saying goodbye to them for good.
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  • Nice! But isn't it funny, the contradictory feelings? You feel a little sad to be packing away/selling/donating LO's things, but at the same time it's a great feeling to get some space back.

    I didn't think our house was small until Baby SugarChick came along.  Man, I think that kid has more stuff than I do, lol.  Packing away something as small as newborn kimono tees made me feel sad to see them go away, but thrilled to free up space in the dresser for her clothes that were on my side table in the DL.

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  • I know what you mean! Earlier this year I sold our big baby items at a M2M sale. I knew we were done having kids, yet selling the swing, bouncy, & exersaucer really solidified that and made it "more" real.

    AndBig Smile the $ was nice

  • I hear you! Things are disappearing slowly from our house too, and I like having it gone. But it is sad (wtf, I don't know why I feel like that even with 5!). The only babies coming in our house after S will be someone else's and they won't be permanent. Yay for gaining space and some extra cash!


  • I hear you, too!  I have just listed some things on Craigslist and just finally took all of DS winter clothes out of the closet.  Yes, I do realize it is Summer!  : )  The exersaucer and jumperoo are in the garage now and wow, the space in the living room is great!!

    Due to our age and fact that it took three IUI's and two IVFs to have DS, I know we are "one and done", but it still makes me sad to get rid of things.

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    Good for you! I only sold the carseat and Little Lamb swing.
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