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Hypnobabies question

For some reason, I can never search the boards for topics, it always gives me an error. I'm sure there are posts about this program, but I'm wondering if anyone here has done it successfully?

I have been going with the program for 3 weeks now, but am only through week 2 because of time constraints. My two issues are this: 1 - I always fall asleep. I know they say that's ok and that you still take in what you need to, but I finally listened to the Learning Self-Hypnosis track without closing my eyes (while working) to hear all of it and I know I didn't take in all of that. It says that when she counts up to 3 that I will open my eyes, but I never do. I am asleep and I just either listen through track 2, or wake up during part of track two. 2 - I can't seem to get the finger drop technique to work. I can always move my eye lids or my hands or whatever she says to move.

I'm wondering if it's just not working for me, or if this is normal?

 I did try the finger drop technique today when I was having some BH contractions, and it seemed to work, but I can't figure out if you're supposed to go into eyes closed first, flipping the switch down and then into eyes open, flipping the switch to the middle.  I'm probably thinking about it too hard, but I'd love some advice!


Re: Hypnobabies question

  • Falling asleep is fine and its ok if you don't come back up when she counts you up. Do try to listen to each track without falling asleep at least once though so you consciously know what they say. Either try it sitting up in the middle of the day or just turn it on, fast forward through the hypnotic induction, and just listen from there.

    The finger drop takes practice to master and that's why you are supposed to practice it several times daily. It'll get better the more you do it. Try not to be critical of yourself or your experience. When you use it, you start with your eyes open, do the finger drop and switch off. If you want to move to your center switch, count in your mind to 2 and then move your switch to center. Then you can open your eyes and move around. When you are ready to come up, close your eyes, count to 3, and come out of your hypnosis.

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  • I always fall asleep to, and the only time I have to listen to them is in the evening anyways.  When its time to hear a new script for the first time, I just listen to it once while doing things around the house so that I am really consciously hearing everything, then I know that I have heard the script once so that I can practice the techniques.  I practice the finger drop when I am in my yoga classes.  It does take time, but I finally feel that I am getting the hang of it.

     By the way...... Im really hoping that its a bonus that I fall asleep every time because I posted that very question a few weeks ago and a few women wrote that it means that it will really relax me in labor, even sleep between contractions, so I am hoping that is true! 

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  • I fall asleep too.  My husband told me I was actually snoring, so I am a bit suspicious of the mentality that as long as I am listening, I will "get it".  I think I am finally getting the hang of the finger drop technique, it's not perfect, but getting better.  I have been working on it for a few weeks.  

    I always have high blood pressure when I go to the doctors, I have white coat anxiety, but today while I was in the waiting room, I did the deep breathing and the finger drop technique and when I had my BP taken, it was perfect!  


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  • I always fall asleep listening & find it highly annoying that I am actually waking up on the count up!!   :)
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