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Did you/would you drink during stims?

I didn't drink alcohol or have any caffeine when I was stimming with my IVF for Jacob.

For some reason I'm waivering on this decision.  I'm ok without the caffeine.  But I enjoy a few glasses of wine on the weekends.  And I'm not sure that I want to give that up.  Obviously, I'll give up drinking if/when I get pregnant.

I guess this is just another example of how I'm in such a different place with this IVF than I was with Jacob's IVF.

What did you/would you do?

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Re: Did you/would you drink during stims?

  • I did not for my IVF cycles but I think its totally fine especially if it helps you relax.  I think the stress / anxiety is more harmful then the wine.  

    For me, I didn't really think it would harm anything I was just trying to rid myself of as much toxins as possible (not just food / drink but avoiding stressful situations, getting enough sleep etc.) 

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    I was more liberal with both during my FET and though I know it had nothing to do with the loss, I can't help by blame myself for everything I did differently this time around. I won't be drinking caffeine or alcohol with my next IVF.

    If you won't question yourself if it doesn't work, then I see no harm in drinking both in moderation.

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  • I was the same way with Katie - no drinks during stimming.  For this round of cycles I did during stimming. I really don't see any reason why not to. 
  • Yes to alcohol and caffeine.  I had 2 glasses of champagne the night before ET with my twins.  And I never gave up my morning coke zero.  I didn't have one the morning of my GD testing or the morning of my C-Section...but that is it!! : ) 
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  • For my 6th IVF I let myself have a small amount of caffeine and a glass of wine or two - see my results below.  
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  • yes. My best of three fresh stim cycles was the one i did'nt eliminate. Lol. In moderation, but i say sip!
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  • Yes, I did. My RE was always ok with alcohol and caffeine in moderation.
  • I do/did.  I definitely limited my intake but I would allow myself two glasses (ended up being half a bottle with my definition of a glass) of wine per day while stimming.  This time around I probably drank on four occasions during my meds.  Stims make me batty and relaxing with a glass or two of wine makes me a calmer person.

    ETA:  I looked at the info sheets for Bravelle and Menopur and it did not say to avoid alcohol while taking those drugs.  That surprised me since most drugs say not to drink while taking them.

  • During my IVF cycle, and the month leading up to it, I cut out caffeine and alcohol. Now, I would likely not drink caffeine, but a glass of wine a couple of times during stims would not be a problem for me. Good luck!!!!!
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  • i had both caffeine and alcohol during my IVF- both during stims and then after transfer i continued to drink caffeine. i have always had 1-2 cups a day of coffee, my RE said it was fine to continue and that amount of caffeine would not affect anything.  it did not appear to negatively affect my cycle in any way!
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  • During my first 3 IVF cycles I did not follow the "no drinking" rule thinking it would not hurt, I would only have a couple of glasses of wine on the weekend, those 3 cycles were a bust due to poor egg quality.  For my 4th cycle I took a different approach and gave up drinking before I started stimming and had a viable pregnancy and two beautiful twin girls.  So for me personally I think what you put into your body will have an effect on the egg quality and you have to decide if the "possibilty" of it having an impact on getting preg, is it worth it?  I also gave up caffeine completely during the stimming.

  • image MontyMrs:
    For my 6th IVF I let myself have a small amount of caffeine and a glass of wine or two - see my results below.  
    By my 5th try I was a little lax too. No caffiene but I drank on lupron.
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  • I don't think a glass or two of wine is really going to make a difference.  I am however going to cut down on caffiene now that my cycle is about a month away from starting...I do believe it can make a difference and if I get pregnant I wn't be having that much anyway!!!
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  • I didn't drink alcohol during my IVF for my daughter. But during my cycles ttc #2 I did have a glass or two of wine while stimming. It helps me relax so I figured it was AOK :-) I think as long as you drink within reason and aren't getting drunk its fine.. I don't drink from ER until beta though..
  • I did. And, do you watch The Little Couple? She always seems to be having a glass of wine with dinner while stimming and she's a doctor . . .  so, hey, it's got to be okay, right? :)
  • Charm- I remember you from the boards when I was going through my first IVF. My son will be 2 next week :)  We are in the same boat. I started stims yesterday and I, too, am in a totally different place this go 'round than I was a few years back. I am going to enjoy a few drinks in moderation- it helps with the stress of it all and I'm not ashamed to say that! :)  My doc never had a problem with it (in moderation) to begin with so I'm sick of beating myself up. Best of luck to you! :)
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